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Rosanna Capolingua (born 1959)[1] is an Australian doctor and former federal president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA). She served as president from 2007 to 2009.


A graduate of the University of Western Australia, she was AMA (Western Australia) State President for two years and served on the Executive of the Federal AMA for four years. Dr. Capolingua is also Chair of the Federal AMA’s Ethics and Medico-Legal Committee and the AMA Publishing Company.

She currently works as a general practitioner in Western Australia. She occasionally writes newspaper columns for The West Australian.

Capolingua was once a member of the Liberal Party of Australia.[2]

Capolingua was for a long time a board member of Healthway, a government-funded health promotion organisation, and served as its chairman for a period of time. She resigned from the role in February 2015 after a Public Sector Commission report found that she and other board members had misused privileges for their own personal benefit, including tickets to sports events provided by Healthway-sponsored teams.[3]


Dr. Capolingua is a member of the:

  • Medical Board of Western Australia, Professional Services Review Committee
  • Board of MercyCare
  • Director of General Practice Liaison at SJOG Hospital, Subiaco.


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