Rosario (2010 film)

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Directed by Albert Martinez
Starring Jennylyn Mercado
Yul Servo
Dennis Trillo
Isabel Oli
Sid Lucero
and Dolphy
Distributed by Cinemabuhay International
and Studio5
Release date
  • December 25, 2010 (2010-12-25) (Metro Manila Film Festival)
Running time
120 minutes
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog, English, Spanish

Rosario is a 2010 drama film directed by Albert Martinez, an official entry to the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival.[1] The story was about Manuel V. Pangilinan's grandmother.[2] The film stars Jennylyn Mercado, Yul Servo, Dennis Trillo, Isabel Oli, Sid Lucero, Philip Salvador, and Eula Valdez and with a very special participation of Dolphy.


The story revolves around Rosario (Jennylyn Mercado), a sophisticated Filipina flapper in the 1920s who has just arrived from New York City, and is spending her vacation in their hacienda.

The film begins with Manny Pangilinan's uncle, Jesus (Dolphy) writing a letter to the TV5 chairman. Upon reaching to the network station, Jesus tells his nephew a story about Rosario (Jennylyn Mercado), Jesus' mother.

The daughter of Don Enrique (Phillip Salvador) and Doña Adela (Eula Valdez), Rosario was a passionate woman who lives according to her heart’s desires. She was a woman ahead of her time.[3]

There, she meets and falls in love with Vicente (Yul Servo), an older man who manages the tobacco plantation owned by Rosario's family. When Rosario's father finds out about his daughter's scandalous affair, he sends Rosario to a convent.

She escapes, and elopes with Vicente to Manila where they raise a family. But Rosario's life of married bliss slowly crumbles when Vicente becomes ill with tuberculosis, and she is lured to committing adultery. Temptation and scandal still hound Rosario as she continues to defy the moral restrictions of her time.


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The film's cast received favorable reviews from both critics and audiences especially the performances of Jennylyn Mercado and Dolphy. Danton Remoto highly praised the ensemble acting stating that Dolphy, Yul Servo, Chanda Romero, and Dennis Trillo stand out. Jennylyn Mercado has a face perfect for the role, and acquits herself well in her role. Her last scene with Carding (Sid Lucero) alone is worth the price of admission. Look at the eyes of love, the bright and expectant eyes of Carding, the slight movement like a tick in his right jaw, before Rosario turns away, and the blade of sadness descends.[4]

Bong Gidonez of PEP also commended the good performances of the actors in this film especially Jennylyn Mercado. According to him, Mercado's acting in this movie boldly highlights her growth as a true actress. Her ability to convey emotions and feelings on camera without resorting to sigawan and sampalan elevates her to a level far from that of her young contemporaries. The first StarStruck Ultimate Female Survivor shifts with ease from being an aristocratic young lady from New York, to a modest housewife stripped of affluence, to an exiled adulterer and deprived single mother yearning for redemption. He further stated that after watching the film, it is easy to see why Jennylyn is favored to bag the Best Actress trophy in the MMFF Awards Night on December 26, as her performance in Rosario truly deserves recognition.[5]

The rest of the cast were also given equal praises. Yul Servo's performance as a working-class man named Vicente shows the tender yet patriarchal views of men, which continues to be practiced by households today despite the increasing role of women in modern society. Dennis Trillo's portrayal of the irresponsible Alberto will earn the ire and contempt of viewers, although one may also feel compelled to question Rosario's moral judgment and thus put much of the blame on her for allowing a young man to ruin her marriage out of lust. Sid Lucero's Carding role, on the other hand, is endearing and heartbreaking at the same time. Carding's entry into Rosario's life is ill-timed, since all the hardships and failures endured by the protagonist have made her jaded about love and its meaning. Carding's idealistic view of romance is simply no match to a weary heart hardened by lost chances and mounting regrets. The performances displayed by other casts Isabel Oli, Phillip Salvador, Eula Valdes, Rita Avila, Liza Lorena, Chanda Romero, and Comedy King Dolphy are all impressive as well. Special mention should be given to Ricky Davao since his convincing portrayal of a deceiving landlord provides the film with a climactic ending.[6]

Ria Limjap stated in her blog that the actors were able to pull off fine performances, especially the two young swains in Rosario’s life: the seducer, Dennis Trillo (who looks like a good boy gone bad) and Sid Lucero’s younger man, who is just perfect. Jennylyn Mercado shows promise in this role.


Year Award-Giving Body Category Recipient Result
Metro Manila Film Festival[7]
Second Best Picture Rosario Won
Best Supporting Actor Dolphy Won
Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Awards Rosario Won
Best Cinematography Carlo Mendoza Won
Best Editing John Wong Won
Best Production Design Joey Luna Won
Best Float Rosario Won
27th PMPC Star Awards for Movies
Movie of the Year Rosario Nominated
Movie Actor of the Year Yul Servo Nominated
Movie Director of the Year Albert Martinez Nominated
Movie Supporting Actor of the Year Sid Lucero Nominated
Movie Original Screenplay of the Year Rosario Nominated
Movie Cinematographer of the Year Carlo Mendoza Nominated
Movie Musical Scorer of the Year Albert Chang Nominated
Movie Sound Engineer of the Year Warren Santiago Nominated
Movie Production Designer of the Year Joey Luna Won
29th Luna Awards
Best Picture Rosario Nominated
Best Actress Jennylyn Mercado Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Dennis Trillo Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Sid Lucero Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Dolphy Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Yul Servo Won
Best Screenplay Won
Best Cinematography Carlo Mendoza Won
Best Production Design Joey Luna Won
Best Music Albert Chang Won
59th FAMAS Awards
Best Picture Rosario Nominated
Best Actress Jennylyn Mercado Nominated
Best Actor Dennis Trillo Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Sid Lucero Nominated
Best Director Albert Martinez Won
Best Story Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Cinematography Carlo Mendoza Won
Best Editing Nominated
Best Sound Warren Santiago Nominated
Best Musical Score Albert Chang Nominated
Best Art Direction Won
Best Special Effects Nominated
Best Visual Effects Nominated


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