Rosaura at 10 O'Clock

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Rosaura at 10 O'Clock
Directed by Mario Soffici
Produced by Carmelo Vecchione
Written by Jacoba Tracero
Starring Juan Verdaguer
Narrated by Merche Platono
Cinematography Aníbal González Paz
Distributed by Argentina Sono Film S.A.C.I
Release date
6 March, 1958
Running time
100 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Rosaura at 10 O'Clock (Spanish: Rosaura a las 10) is a 1958 Argentine crime film directed by Mario Soffici, based on a novel by Marco Denevi. It was entered into the 1958 Cannes Film Festival. [1] It is based on a 1955 novel of the same title by Marco Denevi.


The inhabitants of a Buenos Aires boarding house are intrigued when one of the residents, a retiring painter, begins receiving love letters from a beautiful woman Rosaura.



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