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Oakley Observatory
Organization Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Code 916
Location Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
Coordinates 39°29′1.5″N 87°18′59″W / 39.483750°N 87.31639°W / 39.483750; -87.31639Coordinates: 39°29′1.5″N 87°18′59″W / 39.483750°N 87.31639°W / 39.483750; -87.31639
Website www.rose-hulman.edu/observatory/
Minor planets discovered: 4 [1]
see § List of discovered minor planets

Oakley Observatory or Rose-Hulman Observatory is an astronomical observatory operated by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, United States.

The Oakley Observatory is a teaching observatory with eight permanently mounted telescopes. One of the telescopes is a six-inch refractor built by Clark and Sons in 1886. The other telescopes are all reflecting telescopes ranging in size from eight to twenty two inches. In addition to being used for astronomy classes students use the observatory for research and recreation. Several minor planets have been discovered at Rose-Hulman, most notably numerous discoveries by American astronomer Chris Wolfe (also see Category:Discoveries by Chris Wolfe).

List of discovered minor planets[edit]

In addition, the Minor Planet Center credits the discovery of the following minor planets directly to the Oakley observatory:

(61445) 2000 QF25 26 August 2000 list
(139841) 2001 RG43 11 September 2001 list
(193946) 2001 RH43 11 September 2001 list
(247249) 2001 RF43 11 September 2001 list

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