Rose City Rollers

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Rose City Rollers
League logo
Metro area Portland, Oregon
Country United States
Founded 2004
Teams Break Neck Betties
Guns N Rollers
Heartless Heathers
High Rollers
Wheels of Justice (travel)
Axles of Annihilation (travel)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue The Hangar at Oaks Amusement Park
Affiliations WFTDA
Org. type 501(c)(3) NPO

The Rose City Rollers is an all-female flat track roller derby league founded in Portland, Oregon, United States as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Established in 2004, the Rose City Rollers consists of four adult local home teams and two all-star travel teams that represent the league in competition with others as well as junior skaters on six home teams with a travel team for Rose Petals (7-12) and a travel team for Rosebuds (12-17).[1] The Rose City Rollers is a founding member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association which was established in 2004 as the United Leagues Coalition (ULC) and became WFTDA a year later in November 2005. On November 8, 2015, the Wheels of Justice defeated the Gotham Girls All-Stars 206-195 to win the Hydra and become the 2015 WFTDA Champions, dethroning Gotham after a four-year run as the champions of roller derby.

Home teams[edit]

The Rose City Rollers.
  • BreakNeck Betties
  • Guns N Rollers
  • Heartless Heathers
  • High Rollers

All-star travel teams[edit]

Scald Eagle with the Hydra Trophy after winning the 2015 WFTDA Championships
  • Wheels of Justice
  • Axles of Annihilation

The Wheels of Justice are Rose City's WFTDA charter team and compete against other WFTDA teams in sanctioned play, and qualify for rankings.

Season Final ranking[2] Playoffs Championship
2006 16 WFTDA[3] 16[4]
2007 15 WFTDA[5] R1 W[6] DNQ
2008 5 W[7] 7 W[8] DNQ
2009 5 W 7 W[9] DNQ
2010 4 W 4 W[10] DNQ
2011 3 W 3 W[11] R1[12]
2012 8 W 4 W DNQ
2013 4 W 5 D1[13] DNQ
2014 2 W 2 D1 2[14]

Other Programs[edit]

  • Fresh Meat - The Fresh Meat training program prepares skaters for derby play at the competitive level by providing the skills and conditioning necessary to play for RCR teams. All incoming skaters are required to take part in the Fresh Meat program to be eligible for a league draft. Skaters who survive the Fresh Meat program are drafted to become the newest Rose City Rollers home team players.
  • Wreckers - A recreational (non-competitive) program designed to further the sport of flat track roller derby, this program is open to women 18 and over who are interested in playing derby at any competitive or non-competitive level and is often the first step into the league.
  • Rosebuds - Portland's junior roller derby program provides opportunities for personal growth and development for skaters aged 12–17 by encouraging teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship, and fun. They also participate in volunteer activities and fundraising efforts in order to engage and interact with the broader community.
  • Rose Petals - In 2014, the junior roller derby program expanded to include skaters aged 7–12 years old. Skaters entering the junior program at age 12 are evaluated individually for program fit.


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