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The Rose Hall of Fame contains roses considered world favourites by a vote of members of the World Federation of Rose Societies.[1] Inductees are announced every three years at World Rose Conventions.[2] Additionally, popular historical roses and roses of genealogical importance are inducted in the Old Rose Hall of Fame.[3]

List of Hall of Fame roses[edit]

Induction year Cultivar name Hybridiser Introduced in Cultivar Group Notes Image
1976 'Peace'
'Mme A. Meilland',
'Gloria Dei'
Meilland 1939 Hybrid Tea Most Beautiful French Rose 1942
Portland Gold Medal 1944
AARS 1946
RNRS Gold Medal 1947
The Hague Gold Medal 1965
Peace - hybrid tea rose - - 1025537.jpg
1979 'Queen Elizabeth' Lammerts 1954 Grandiflora Portland Gold Medal 1954
AARS 1955
RNRS Gold Medal 1955
President's International Trophy 1955
The Hague Gold Medal 1957
Rose 'Queen Elizabeth' 1954.jpg
1981 'Fragrant Cloud'
'Nuage Parfumé'
Tantau 1963 Hybrid Tea ADR 1964
Gamble Fragrance Award 1969 & 1970
Portland Gold Medal 1966 & 1967
RNRS Gold Medal 1963
Hybrid Tea - Fragrant Cloud 3 (crop).JPG
1983 'Iceberg'
'Fée des Neiges'
Kordes 1958 Floribunda Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1958
RNRS Gold Medal 1958
ADR 1960 (detracted)
Rosa Iceberg 1.jpg
1985 'Double Delight' Swim & Ellis 1977 Hybrid Tea Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1976
Rome Gold Medal 1976
All-America Rose Selection 1977
Tea rose hybrid and bud.JPG
1988 'Papa Meilland' Meilland 1963 Hybrid Tea Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1962
Gamble Fragrance Award 1974
Rosa sp.215.jpg
1991 'Pascali' Lens 1963 Hybrid Tea The Hague Gold Medal 1963
AARS 1969
Rosa Pascali.jpg
1994 'Just Joey' Cant 1972 Hybrid Tea Cants of Colchester Just Joey Rose.jpg
1997 'New Dawn' Dreer 1930 Hybrid Wichurana Somerset Rose Nursery Rosa 'New Dawn' J1.jpg
2000 'Ingrid Bergman'
Poulsen 1984 Hybrid Tea Madrid Gold Medal 1986
The Hague Golden Rose 1987

AGM 1993
Rosa Ingrid Bergman (7376469430).jpg
2003 'Bonica 82' Meilland 1981 Floribunda ADR 1982 (detracted)
AARS 1986
AGM 1993
Rosa cultivar Bonica 82 3.JPG
2006 'Pierre de Ronsard'
Meilland 1985 Climber Romantica Collection Rose4 Ronsard FR 2013.jpg
2006 'Elina' Dickson 1984 Hybrid Tea ADR 1987
Gold Star of the South Pacific 1987
AGM 1993
Rosa sp.91.jpg
2009 'Graham Thomas' Austin 1983 English Rose Rosa Graham Thomas.jpg
2012 'Sally Holmes' Holmes 1976 Hybrid Musk Monza Gold Medal 1979
Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1980
Portland Gold Medal 1993
Rosa Sally Holmes1h.UME.JPG
2015 'Cocktail' Meilland 1957 Shrub/Climber Bagatelle Certificat de Mérite 1957 Cocktail (Meilland-Strobel 1959) 01.jpg

List of Hall of Fame old roses[edit]

Induction year Cultivar name Hybridiser Introduced in Notes Image
1988 'Cécile Brunner'
Ducher 1881 Polyantha, original induction Cecile Brunner by Malcolm Manners.jpg
1988 'Gloire de Dijon' Jacotot 1853 Climbing Tea
original induction
Gloire de Dijon.jpg
1988 'Old Blush' Unknown 1790 China /Bengale
original induction
Rosa 'Old Blush'.jpg
1988 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' Bèluze 1843 Bourbon
original induction
Souvenir de la Malmaison (Béluze 1843) 01.jpg
2000 'Gruss an Teplitz' Geschwind 1897 Hybrid China Gruß an Teplitz (Stors Harrison 1911).JPG
2003 'Madame Alfred Carrière' Schwartz 1875 Rosa Madame Alfred Carriere 1.jpg
2006 'Madame Hardy' Hardy 1832 Damask Rosa damascena2.jpg
2009 'Rosa Mundi'
Rosa gallica 'Versicolor'
1581 Gallica Rosa Mundi.JPG
2012 Rosa 'Mutabilis'
Rosa chinensis 'Mutabilis'
Unknown 1894 China / Bengale Rosa chinensis Mutabilis.jpg
2012 Rosa 'Officinalis'
Rosa gallica officinalis
Unknown 1240 Gallica Rosa gallica officinalis0.jpg
2015 'Charles de Mills' Unknown 1790 Gallica Rosa 'Charles de Mills' J1.JPG

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