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The Rose Mary Crawshay Prize is a literary prize for female scholars.


Suffragist Rose Mary Crawshay in the 1870s from the Peoples Collection of Wales

It was inaugurated in 1888 and is said by the British Academy to be the only UK literary prize for female scholars.[1] Two prizes can be awarded in any one year: "to a woman of any nationality who, in the judgement of the Council of the British Academy, has written or published within three years next preceding the year of the award an historical or critical work of sufficient value on any subject connected with English Literature, preference being given to a work regarding one of the poets Byron, Shelley and Keats".[2] The Rose Mary Crawshay Prize is now "only" £500, but it provides a valuable recognition for non-fiction women writers. It has been awards since 1916 by the British Academy.[3]

The prize was established by Rose Mary Crawshay as the Byron, Shelley, Keats In Memoriam Prize Fund.[4]


Winners of the award have been:[5]

Year Winner Book ISBN
1916 Charlotte Carmichael Stopes Shakespeare's Environment
1917 Leonie Villard Jane Austen: Sa Vie et Son Oeuvre
M. Stawell Shelley's Triumph of Life (published in Vol. 5 of Essays and Studies by members of the English Association)
1918 Grace Dulais Davies Historical Fiction of the Eighteenth Century
1919 Mary Paton Ramsay Les Doctrines Medievales Chez Donne
1920 Jessie L. Weston From Ritual to Romance
1921 M.E. Seaton A Study of the Relations between England and the Scandinavian Countries in the Seventeenth Century Based upon the Evidence of Acquaintance in English writers with Scandinavian Literatures and Myths
1922 E.C. Batho James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd
1923 Joyce H.S. Tompkins For a study of the Work of Mrs Radcliffe
1924 Madeleine L. Cazamian Le Roman et les Idees en Angleterre- Influence de la Science, 1860-1890
1925 No Award
1926 E.R. Dodds (Miss A.E. Powell) The Romantic Theory of Poetry: an Examination in the light of Croce's Aesthetic
1927 Alice Galimberti L'Aedo d'Italia (A.C. Swinburne) Biblioteca Sandron (1925)
1928 Enid Welsford The Court Masque: A Study in the Relationship between Poetry and the Revels (Cambridge, 1927)
1929 Hope Emily Allen The Writings Ascribed to Richard Rolle, Hermit of Hampole, and Materials for his Biography (Modern Language Association of America, 1927)
1930 U.M. Ellis-Fermor For her work on Christopher Marlowe and her edition of Marlowe's Tamburlaine
1931 Janet G. Scott Les Sonnets Elisabethains (Champion, Paris, 1929)
1932 Helen Derbishire The Manuscript of Paradise Lost, Book 1 (Clarendon Press, 1931)
1933 Eleanore Boswell The Restoration Court Stage, 1660-1702 (Harvard University Press, 1932)
1934 Dottore Giovanna Foa Lord Byron, Poeta e Carbonaro (unpublished)
1935 Hildegarde Schumann The Romantic Elements in John Keats' Writings
1936 Caroline Spurgeon Shakespeare's Imagery
1937 Frances A. Yates John Florio (Cambridge University Press, 1934)
1938 Dorothy Hewlett (Mrs Kilgour) Adonais
1939 No Award
1940 Mary Lascelles (M.M. Lascelles) Jane Austen and Her Art (Clarendon Press, 1939)
1941 Julia Power Shelley in America in the Nineteenth Century (University of Nebraska)
1942 Sybil Rosenfeld Strolling Players and Drama in the Provinces, 1660-1765 (Cambridge University Press)
1943 Kathleen Tillotson Edition of the Poems of Michael Drayton
1944 Katherine Balderston Thraliana (Clarendon Press, 1942)
1945 Rae Blanchard The Correspondence of Richard Steele (Oxford University Press, 1941)
1946 No Award
1947 M.H. Nicolson Newton Demands the Muse: Newton's "Opticks" and the Eighteenth Century Poets (Princeton University Press)
1948 No Award
1949 Rosemond Tuve Elizabethan and Metaphysical Imagery
1950 Helen Darbishire For her Clark Lectures and collaboration in an edition Wordsworth's Poetical Works
1951 Rosemary Freeman For her work on Emblem Books
1952 M.E. Seaton Abraham Fraunce's Arcadian Rhetorike
1953 Helen Gardner Divine Poems of John Donne
1954 Alice Walker Textual Problems of the First Folio
1955 Evelyn M. Simpson The Sermons of John Donne
1956 Helen Estabrook Sandison Poems of Sir Arthur Gorges
1957 J.E. Norton Gibbon's Letters
1958 Mary Moorman Biography of Wordsworth The Early Years
1959 Kathleen Coburn Notebooks of S.T. Coleridge, Vol. I., 1794-1804
1960 Joyce Hemlow Biography of Fanny Burney
1961 Vittoria Sanna Sir Thomas Browne's “Religio Medici"
1962 Barbara Hardy The Novels of George Elliot
1963 Joan Bennett Sir Thomas Brown: His life and Achievement
1964 Aileen Ward John Keats: The making of a Poet
1965 Madeline House The Letters of Charles Dickens
1966 Margaret Crum Poems of Henry King
1967 Enid Welsford Salisbury Plain, a Study in the Development of Wordsworth's Mind and Art
1968 Winifred Gérin Charlotte Brontë: the Evolution of Genius ISBN 978-0-19-881152-7
1969 Alethea Hayter Opium and the Romantic Imagination
1970 Barbara Rooke Coleridge's "The Friend"
1971 No Award
1972 Valerie Eliot For her edition of the facsimile of the original drafts of The Waste Land
1973 Marilyn Butler Maria Edgeworth: A literary Biography
Christina Colvin Maria Edgeworth: Letters from England 1813-1844
1974 Jean Robertson Her edition of Sir Philip Sidney's Old Arcadia
1975 Doris Langley Moore Lord Byron -Accounts Rendered
1976 Hilary Spurling Ivy When Young: The Early Life of Ivy Compton-Burnett 1884-1919 [6]
1977 Harriet Hawkins Poetic Freedom and Poetic Truth
1978 Lyndall Gordon Eliot's Early Years
1979 Elizabeth Murray Caught in the Web of Words
Joan Rees Shakespeare and the Story
1980 Helen Gardner The composition of the Four Quartets
1981 Helen Peters Her edition of Donne's Paradoxes and Problems
1982 Mary Lascelles The Story-Teller Retrieves the Past: Historical Fiction and Fictitious History in the Art of Scott, Stevenson, Kipling and some others
Annabelle Terhune Her edition of Edward Fitzgerald's Complete Letters
1983 Claire Lamont Her edition of Scott's Waverley
1984 Christine Alexander The Early Writings of Charlotte Brontë [7] ISBN 0-631-12991-X
Gillian Beer Darwin's Plots: Evolutionary Narrative in Darwin, George Eliot and Nineteenth-Century Fiction [8]
1985 Penelope Fitzgerald Charlotte Mew and her Friends
Anthea Hume Edmund Spenser: Protestant Poet
1986 Margaret Doody The Daring Muse: Augustan Poetry Reconsidered
Ann Saddlemyer The Collected Letters of John Millington Synge
1987 Rosemary Cowler The Prose Works of Alexander Pope
Iona Opie (with the late Peter Opie) The Singing Game
1988 Jane Millgate Scott's Last Edition: A Study in Publishing History
Kathleen Tillotson The Letters of Charles Dickens
1989 Valerie Eliot The Letters of T.S. Eliot 1888-1922
Margaret Smith Her edition of Charlotte Brontë's The Professor
1990 Kathleen Coburn Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ed. 4th Vol.
Norma Dalrymple-Champneys Complete Poetical Works of George Crabbe, ed. 3 Vols
1991 Anne Barton The Names of Comedy
Valerie Rumbold Women's Place in Pope's World
1992 Antonia Forster Book Reviews in England, 1749-1774
1993 Barbara Rosenbaum Index of Literary Manuscripts, Volume IV, part 2: Hardy to Lamb
Professor Margaret Reynolds Her critical edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh
1994 Margaret Cardwell Her volume in the Clarendon edition of Great Expectations (CUP, 1993)
Janet Gezari Charlotte Brontë and Defensive Conduct (Pennsylvania University Press, 1992)
1995 Caroline Franklin Byron's Heroines (CUP, 1993)[9]
Jenny Uglow Elizabeth Gaskell: A Habit of Stories (Faber & Faber, 1993)
1996 Kate Flint The Woman Reader 1837-1914 ISBN 978-0-19-812185-5
Ruth Smith Handel's Oratorios and Eighteenth Century Thought ISBN 978-0-521-02370-2
1997 Hermione Lee Virginia Woolf (biography)[10] ISBN 978-0-375-70136-8
1998 Moyra Haslett Byron's Don Juan and the Don Juan Legend ISBN 978-0-19-818432-4
Katie Trumpener Bardic Nationalism: The Romantic Novel and the British Empire ISBN 978-0-691-04480-4
1999 Elizabet(h) Wright Psychoanalytic Criticism. A Reappraisal[2] ISBN 978-0-415-92145-9
Karen O'Brien Narratives of Enlightenment. Cosmopolitan History from Voltaire to Gibbon ISBN 9780521619448
2000 Marina Warner No Go the Bogeyman: Scaring, Lulling and Making Mock[1] ISBN 978-0-374-22301-4
Joanne Wilkes Lord Byron and Madame de Staël: Born for Opposition[1] ISBN 978-1-84014-699-8
2001 Annette Peach Portraits of Byron[2]
Lucy Newlyn Reading, Writing, and Romanticism: The Anxiety of Reception[2] ISBN 978-0-19-818711-0
2002 Wendy Doniger The Bedtrick: Tales of Sex and Masquerade[2] ISBN 978-0-226-15643-9
Kate Flint The Victorians and the Visual Imagination[2] ISBN 978-0-521-08952-4
2003 Jane Stabler Byron, Poetics and History[11] ISBN 978-0-521-81241-2
Claire Tomalin Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self[2] ISBN 978-0-375-72553-1
2004 Maud Ellmann Elizabeth Bowen: The Shadow Across the Page[2] ISBN 978-0-7486-1703-6
Anne Stott Hannah More: The First Victorian[2] ISBN 978-0-19-927488-8
2005 Claire Preston Thomas Browne and the Writing of Early Modern Science[12] ISBN 978-0-521-83794-1
Judith Farr with Louise Carter The Gardens of Emily Dickinson[2] ISBN 978-0-674-01829-7
2006 Rosalind Ballaster Fabulous Orients: Fictions of the East in England 1662-1785[2] ISBN 978-0-19-923429-5
2007 Susan Oliver Scott, Byron and the Politics of Cultural Encounter[13]
2008 Helen Small The Long Life[14] ISBN 978-0-19-922993-2
2009 Frances Wilson The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth[15] ISBN 978-0-571-23047-1
Molly Mahood The Poet as Botanist ISBN 978-0-521-86236-3
2010 Daisy Hay Young Romantics[16] ISBN 0-7475-8627-6
2011 Fiona Stafford Local Attachments: The Province of Poetry[17] ISBN 0-19-955816-7
2012 Julie Sanders The Cultural Geography of Early Modern Drama 1620-1650[18] ISBN 1-107-00334-2
2014 Hannah Sullivan The Work of Revision[19] ISBN 0-674-07312-6
2015 Catherine Bates Masculinity and the Hunt: Wyatt to Spenser[20] ISBN 978-0199657117
Ankhi Mukherjee What is a Classic? Postcolonial Rewriting and Invention of the Canon[20] ISBN 9780804785211
2016 Lyndsey Stonebridge The Judicial Imagination: Writing after Nuremberg[20] ISBN 978-0748642359
2017 Kate Bennett John Aubrey: Brief Lives with an Apparatus for the Lives of our English Mathematical Writers[21] ISBN 978-0199689538
2018 Emma J. Clery Eighteen Hundred and Eleven: Poetry, Protest and Economic Crisis[22] ISBN 978-1107189225

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