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Rose Petal Place was an American-produced animated film from 1984,[1] with a corresponding line of flower-themed toy dolls made by Kenner. The concept for Rose Petal Place was created by David Kirschner and the film was written by Mal Marmorstein.


Rose Petal Place was first introduced in the 1980's as an animated film which also included a corresponding toy line and playsets. Rose Petal dolls were markedly similar to the fruit and dessert-themed Strawberry Shortcake and color-themed Rainbow Brite dolls. As in those lines, the characters' pastoral lives are interrupted only by the nefarious plots of a bumbling adult villain or two. The Rose Petal dolls themselves were flower-themed and based on different types of flowers.

According to the introduction to the first movie: "Rose Petal Place began a long time ago when a young girl (played by Nicole Eggert) was moving away from her lovely home and garden. She cried for her beloved garden because no one would be there to take care of her flowers. She didn't want them to perish so she made a secret wish that the flowers would live forever. Out of this magical wish, combined with her tears of love, brought Rose Petal and all of her friends (Lily Fair, Daffodil, Orchid, Sunny Sunflower, and Iris) to life. They still reside in this garden tending the little girl's flowers. Rose Petal made her home out of a watering pail that was left there and turned it into "palace." And so begins the tale..."

Other accessories which were produced included lunchboxes, books and various fashions for the dolls.


The primary characters of Rose Petal Place (introduced in the first movie) were:

  • Rose Petal, a pink-haired, pink-clad doll whose singing keeps the other flowers alive. In the cartoon, Rose Petal was voiced by Marie Osmond.
  • Sunny Sunflower, a yellow haired and clad tomboy who tells jokes to make the other flowers laugh. She is Rose Petal's closest companion.
  • Iris, a purple and white clad painter of African ethnicity.
  • Orchid, a purple clad shopaholic with white hair.
  • Lily Fair, a blue haired and clad ballet dancer.
  • Daffodil, another yellow haired and clad doll, this one obsessed with finance.
  • Nastina, a widow spider who attempts to thwart the flowers' happiness, and even to kill Rose Petal on one occasion. Nastina is assisted by a horse-fly, Horace. (Horace was NOT a doll).

Rose Petal Place: Real Friends (1985)[edit]

David Kirschner Productions and Ruby-Spears Enterprises created a second movie in 1985 called Rose Petal Place: Real Friends.[2] This second movie introduced six new characters, which Kenner scheduled to be released as dolls shortly after. Although prototypes and marketing samples were made, the entire line was discontinued before the dolls could hit the shelves.

The second series of unproduced dolls[edit]

  • Cherry Blossom, an Asian character wearing a costume similar to a cherry pink kimono
  • Sweet Violet, a light blue haired and clad actress
  • Fuchsia, a dark purple haired doll with fuchsia clothing and a taste for clothing design
  • Gladiola, a blonde doll with light pink clothes and a taste for tap dancing
  • Marigold, an orange haired and clad organizer of events
  • Canterbury Belle, a pink haired and clad baker

Book and Cassette Episode List[edit]

In 1984 Parker Brothers put out a series of books with accompanying cassette tapes.

# Title Short Summary ISBN Featured Characters
1 "Rose Petal and the Evil Weeds" Rose Petal and her friends are driven from their houses by evil, smelly weeds sent by Nastina. What will they do to reclaim their homes? unknown Rose Petal, Iris, Daffodil, Elmer, Sunny Sunflower, Tumbles the Hedgehog, Nastina, Horace, Pitterpat, Orchid, Lily Fair
2 "A Matter of Music" Rose Petal and her friends' singing is constantly being drowned out by Nastina's evil amplifier. What will they do to stop her? 0910313644 Rose Petal, Iris, Daffodil, Elmer, Sunny Sunflower, Tumbles the Hedgehog, Nastina, Horace, Seymour J. Snailsworth, P.D. Centipede, Pitterpat, Orchid, Lily Fair
3 "A Garden of Love to Share" Nastina has captured Rose Petal and used a drink to take away her beautiful singing voice. Can her friends find her and save her? 0910313490 Rose Petal, Sunny Sunflower, Tumbles the Hedgehog, Nastina, Horace, Seymour J. Snailsworth, P.D. Centipede, Pitterpat, Orchid, Lily Fair

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