Rosebud River

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This article is about Rosebud River, Alberta. For Rosebud River, Montana, see Stillwater River (Stillwater County, Montana).
Rosebud River
Bridge Rosebud-highway 10X.JPG
Highway 10X bridge over Rosebud River (one of 11)
Country  Canada
Basin features
Main source 1,095 meters (3,593 ft)
51°35′36″N 114°11′07″W / 51.59329°N 114.18531°W / 51.59329; -114.18531 (Rosebud River origin)
River mouth Red Deer River
675 meters (2,215 ft)
51°25′15″N 112°37′47″W / 51.42072°N 112.62979°W / 51.42072; -112.62979 (Rosebud River mouth)Coordinates: 51°25′15″N 112°37′47″W / 51.42072°N 112.62979°W / 51.42072; -112.62979 (Rosebud River mouth)

The Rosebud River is a major tributary of the Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada.

The Rosebud River passes through agricultural lands[1] and ranchland for most of its course, and through badlands in its final reaches. It provides water for irrigation canals through a variety of dams built on its course and that of its tributaries.

The name is a translation of the Blackfoot word Akokiniskway, meaning "the river of many roses".


The Rosebud River originates in central Alberta, at an elevation of 1,905 meters (6,250 ft), west of Carstairs. It flows north and has a dam before it is crossed by Highway 582 and the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. It receives the waters of Copeley Lake, then turns south through Didsbury, where it is crossed again by Highway 582 and Highway 2A. It then flows in a general south-eastern direction and is crossed by Highway 2 and Highway 581. It continues south-east and is crossed by Highway 72 and Highway 9 north of Irricana and south of Beiseker. It then continues eastwards and flows into southern Alberta, where it is crossed by Highway 21 and Highway 840 at the hamlet of Rosebud. The river then turns north-east, and its course is followed by the Canadian National Railway tracks as it is crossed by Highway 841. After reaching the hamlet of Wayne, it is also followed by Highway 10X through a badlands canyon that reaches 150 meters (490 ft) in depth. Eleven bridges cross the river back and forth through the badlands canyon. Rosebud River empties into the Red Deer River at Rosedale, at an elevation of 675 meters (2,215 ft).

Tributaries and crossings[edit]

From origin to mouth, the Rosebud River receives the following tributaries or passes through these geographic features:

Tributary or feature Location Remarks
Origin 51°35′36″N 114°11′07″W / 51.59329°N 114.18531°W / 51.59329; -114.18531 (origin)
Highway 582 51°39′50″N 114°11′53″W / 51.66398°N 114.19809°W / 51.66398; -114.19809 (HWY 582) Bridge
Canadian Pacific Railway 51°40′18″N 114°12′43″W / 51.67174°N 114.21205°W / 51.67174; -114.21205 (Canadian Pacific Railway) Bridge
Copeley Lake 51°44′38″N 114°10′22″W / 51.74375°N 114.17283°W / 51.74375; -114.17283 (Copeley Lake) Left tributary
Canadian Pacific Railway 51°41′58″N 114°09′42″W / 51.69936°N 114.16173°W / 51.69936; -114.16173 (Canadian Pacific Railway) Bridge
Highway 582 51°39′47″N 114°06′43″W / 51.66302°N 114.11206°W / 51.66302; -114.11206 (Highway 582) Bridge
Highway 2A 51°39′28″N 114°05′46″W / 51.65771°N 114.09606°W / 51.65771; -114.09606 (Highway 2A) Bridge
Highway 2 51°35′55″N 114°01′31″W / 51.59859°N 114.02530°W / 51.59859; -114.02530 (Highway 2) tributary
Deadrick Creek 51°34′42″N 113°58′05″W / 51.57823°N 113.96793°W / 51.57823; -113.96793 (Deadrick Creek) Left tributary
Highway 581 51°33′42″N 113°57′24″W / 51.56153°N 113.95680°W / 51.56153; -113.95680 (Highway 581) Bridge
Sheep Coulee 51°31′51″N 113°56′01″W / 51.53070°N 113.93357°W / 51.53070; -113.93357 (Sheep Coulee) Right tributary
Highway 791 51°29′27″N 113°49′34″W / 51.49082°N 113.82614°W / 51.49082; -113.82614 (Highway 791) Bridge
Carstairs Creek 51°25′35″N 113°44′30″W / 51.42627°N 113.74154°W / 51.42627; -113.74154 (Carstairs Creek) Right tributary
CN Rail 51°21′11″N 113°35′10″W / 51.35297°N 113.58602°W / 51.35297; -113.58602 (CN Rail) Bridge
Highway 9 51°20′57″N 113°34′22″W / 51.34907°N 113.57265°W / 51.34907; -113.57265 (Highway 9) Bridge
Crossfield Creek 51°20′06″N 113°34′14″W / 51.33508°N 113.57053°W / 51.33508; -113.57053 (Crossfield Creek) Right tributary
Highway 21 51°19′02″N 113°14′37″W / 51.31721°N 113.24361°W / 51.31721; -113.24361 (HWY 861) Bridge
Atusis Creek 51°18′48″N 113°03′19″W / 51.31321°N 113.05515°W / 51.31321; -113.05515 (Atusis Creek) Left tributary
Serviceberry Creek 51°17′28″N 113°01′12″W / 51.29105°N 113.01992°W / 51.29105; -113.01992 (Serviceberry Creek) Right tributary
Redland 51°17′30″N 113°00′36″W / 51.29173°N 113.01005°W / 51.29173; -113.01005 (Redland) Flows by community
Rosebud 51°17′58″N 112°57′01″W / 51.29950°N 112.95040°W / 51.29950; -112.95040 (Rosebud) Flows by community
Severn Creek 51°17′50″N 112°56′57″W / 51.29729°N 112.94908°W / 51.29729; -112.94908 (Severn Creek) Right tributary
Home Coulee 51°22′44″N 112°39′31″W / 51.37890°N 112.65848°W / 51.37890; -112.65848 (Home Coulee) Right tributary
Wayne 51°22′53″N 112°39′38″W / 51.38138°N 112.66042°W / 51.38138; -112.66042 (Wayne) Flows through community
Red Deer River 51°25′15″N 112°37′47″W / 51.42072°N 112.62979°W / 51.42072; -112.62979 (Red Deer River) River mouth

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