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The Rosedale Long Island Rail Road station.jpg
Looking west
Location Francis Lewis Boulevard & Sunrise Highway
Rosedale, NY
Coordinates 40°39′57″N 73°44′08″W / 40.6659°N 73.7356°W / 40.6659; -73.7356Coordinates: 40°39′57″N 73°44′08″W / 40.6659°N 73.7356°W / 40.6659; -73.7356
Owned by MTA
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 4
Connections Local Transit NYCT Buses: Q5, Q85
Parking Municipal Parking (NYC Permit Required)
Other information
Fare zone 3
Opened May 1870 (SSRRLI)[2]
Rebuilt 1889, 1950, 2005
Electrified May 17, 1906
750 V (DC) third rail
Previous names Foster's Meadow (1870–1892)[1]
Passengers (2006) 2,391[3]
Preceding station   MTA NYC logo.svg LIRR   Following station
Atlantic Branch
(Far Rockaway Branch)
Current and former locations
Springfield Gardens Montauk Branch Valley Stream station

Rosedale is a station on the Long Island Rail Road's Atlantic Branch in the Rosedale neighborhood of Queens in New York City. The station is at Sunrise Highway, Francis Lewis Boulevard and 243rd Street. Rosedale is part of the CityTicket program and is in Zone 3.


Rosedale station was originally built by the South Side Railroad of Long Island. Depending on the source, the station was built either on October 28, 1867, May 1870, or July 1871. Either way it was originally named "Foster's Meadow." The station was abandoned in 1889, but may have been used as a freight house when the second station was built that year, and renamed "Rosedale" in 1892.

From there, the station has a similar history to nearby Laurelton station. The eastbound facilities were relocated south of the former station on November 26, 1941 in anticipation of a future grade elimination project, but returned north on March 10, 1942, when the project was cancelled probably due to concentration on surplus for World War II. All facilities were relocated south of the former location again between November 16–18, 1948 when the grade elimination project was resumed. Temporary facilities were built south of the former location on the same days, while the second depot was razed that month. The third elevated station finally opened for westbound trains on October 31, 1950, and for eastbound trains on November 27, 1950.

Station layout[edit]

This station has one 10-car long island platform between Tracks 1 and 2 of what the railroad calls the Atlantic Branch. The station is additionally served by one weekend overnight westbound Babylon train. The weeknight overnight westbound Babylon Branch train uses the Atlantic Branch tracks, but does not stop here. The overnight eastbound Babylon Branch train and the three weekday eastbound (two AM, one peak PM) West Hempstead Branch trains also use the Atlantic Branch right-of-way, but do not stop here. The two bypass tracks north of Track 1 are part of the Montauk Branch, and also serve Babylon Branch and West Hempstead Branch trains that bypass the station.

Toward the center of the platform island platform are staircases going down to either side of Francis Lewis Boulevard, which passes under the station. The western-most staircase has a canopy. The other staircase is at the canopy that covers the brick waiting room that has two small waiting areas with a non-public area in between where the ticket office and windows were once was in. The canopy ends before reaching the eastern side of the platform where a single staircase leads down to a small pedestrian underpass. On the other side of this underpass is an elevator installed in 2008 going up to the extreme eastern end of the platform at the very end of it. There is a small canopy over the upper landing This underpass leads to Sunrise Highway to the south and North Conduit Avenue to the north between 243nd and 244th Streets running between a police station and its parking lot to reach it. Across from the station is a Department of Transportation muni-meter parking lot.

G Ground level Entrance/exit, parking, buses
Platform level
Montauk Branch does not stop here
Babylon Branch does not stop here
West Hempstead Branch does not stop here
Montauk Branch does not stop here →
Babylon Branch does not stop here →
West Hempstead Branch does not stop here →
Track 1 Long Beach Branch toward Jamaica, Atlantic or Penn Station (Laurelton)
Far Rockaway Branch toward Atlantic or Penn Station (Laurelton)
Babylon Branch toward Penn Station (Laurelton)
Island platform, doors will open on the left or right Handicapped/disabled access
Track 2 Long Beach Branch toward Long Beach (Valley Stream)
Far Rockaway Branch toward Far Rockaway (Valley Stream)
Babylon Branch does not stop here →
West Hempstead Branch does not stop here →


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