Roseg Glacier

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Roseg Glacier
Vadret da Roseg
Vadret da Roseg.jpg
LocationGraubünden, Switzerland
Coordinates46°23′19″N 9°50′44″E / 46.38861°N 9.84556°E / 46.38861; 9.84556Coordinates: 46°23′19″N 9°50′44″E / 46.38861°N 9.84556°E / 46.38861; 9.84556
Length4 km
Official nameVadret da Roseg
Designated2 February 2005
Reference no.1446[1]

The Roseg Glacier (Romansh: Vadret da Roseg) is a 4 km long glacier (2005) situated in the Bernina Range, in the Val Roseg (Graubünden). In 1973 it had an area of 8.52 km2.

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