Roseires Dam

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Roseires Dam
Roseires Dam.jpg
Location Ad Damazin, Sudan
Coordinates 11°47′53″N 34°23′15″E / 11.79806°N 34.38750°E / 11.79806; 34.38750Coordinates: 11°47′53″N 34°23′15″E / 11.79806°N 34.38750°E / 11.79806; 34.38750
Construction began 1961
Opening date 1966
Dam and spillways
Height 78 m (256 ft)
Length 24,410 m (80,090 ft)
Total capacity 7.4 km3 (5,999,278 acre·ft)
Surface area 29,000 ha (71,661 acres)
Power station
Installed capacity 1,800 MW

The Roseires Dam (Arabic: خزان الروصيرص‎‎) is a dam on the Blue Nile at Ad Damazin, just upstream of the town of Er Roseires, in Sudan. It consists of a concrete buttress dam 1 km wide with a maximum height of 68m, and an earth dam on either side. The earth dam on the eastern bank is 4 km long, and that on the western bank is 8.5 km long. The reservoir is about 290 km2.

The dam was completed in 1966, initially for irrigation purposes. A power generation plant, with a maximum capacity of 280 megawatts, was added in 1971. A heightening (and lengthening) project was completed in 2013 and the dam is now 25 km long.[1]


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