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Rosela Gjylbegu
Rosela Gjylbegu performing the winning song at “Kënga Magjike” 2009
Rosela Gjylbegu performing the winning song at “Kënga Magjike” 2009
Background information
Birth name Rosela Gjylbegu
Born (1987-03-13) 13 March 1987 (age 30)
Shkodër, Albania
Origin Albanian
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2002–present

Rosela Gjylbegu (pronounced [ɾɔsɛːla ɟylbɛːɡʊ]; born 13 March 1987 in Shkodër, Albania) is an Albanian singer.


Rosela graduated in English language in 2005 from the Shkolla e Mesme Pedagogjike “Gjuhët e Huaja” (Secondary Pedagogical School “Foreign Languages”) of Shkodër, obtained a degree in Social Work from the Fakulteti i Shkencave Sociale, Universiteti i Tiranës (University of Tirana’s Social Sciences Faculty), since when she also resides in Tirana, and finished a master's degree in gender equality.[1][2] Since 2009 she works at the Albanian Parliament in the Public Relations Directorate.[3] Admires ballet and various sports.[4]

In her early childhood she took part in various school activities, continuing with participations in Shkodër’s children festivals as choir singer, and later also as a solo performer. Although passionate about ballet at school and part of ballet troupe there, she randomly starts her music career when in a celebration, at age eleven, she fills in for her absent friend to sing Mariah Carey's Without You”.[5] Her performance impresses her teacher who brings her to the “Qendra Kulturore e Fëmijëve” (Children's Cultural Centre). In 1999 in a trio titled “Të Europës jemi ne” (We are Europe’s) composed by Jetmir Barbullushi she wins the second prize. During the same period she took part in different activities around town of Shkodër and other school activities.


Despite taking part in many competitions, only in 2003 is Rosela given an excellent opportunity to show her talent: participation in Ethet e së premtes mbrëma” (Friday night fever; or “Krasta Show”, after showman Adi Krasta), the Albanian equivalent of Pop Idol, which in a way changed her life forever and gave her a chance to show off her values and vocal talent. She reached third place and immediately became famous winning the audience’s sympathy.

Song festivals[edit]

“Festivali i Këngës në RTSH”[edit]

Right after “Ethet” Rosela takes part in Festivali i 42-të i Këngës në RTSH in December 2003 with the song “Hirushja” (Cinderella; lyrics by Pandi Laço, orchestration by Shpëtim Saraçi, composed by Endri Sina) and wins third prize. In 2004 she takes part in the European Eurovision Song Contest as a back-vocal along with other “Ethet” winners, when Albania debuted with Anjeza Shahini’s song.

In December 2004 she takes part in Festivali i 43-të i Këngës në RTSH in a duet with Arbër Arapi titled “Pëshpëritje zemrash” (Heart’s whispers), composed by Shpëtim Saraçi and extremely appreciated by the Albanian audience. In the meantime she takes part in important concerts and activities throughout Albania.

In December 2006 she takes part in Festivali i 45-të i Këngës në RTSH and takes the second place with Pirro Çako’s song “Pa ty, pa mua” (Without you, without me; lyrics by Agron Tufa, orchestration by Shpëtim Saraçi).

In December 2007 she takes part in Festivali i 46-të i Këngës në RTSH with “Po lind një yll” (A star is rising; lyrics by Jorgo Papingji and composed by Sokol Marsi)[citation needed] and ranks 13th.

Rosela’s cooperation with Eliza continues (see next section) with their other song “Një tjetër jetë” (Another life; composed by Pirro Çako, lyrics by Ardit Gjebrea and orchestration by Adrian Hila), which they perform along with Pirro Çako in Festivali i 48-të i Këngës në RTSH in December 2009. This song’s official video, the second one for Rosela, premiered on 24 May 2010 on "SuperSonic TV".

As a guest of honour in December 2011 she participates in the gala evening of the 50th edition of this festival with the song “Mesnatë” (Midnight), a homage to the great artist Vaçe Zela.

“Kënga Magjike”[edit]

At the 2007 Kënga Magjike” (Magical Song) song festival Rosela takes part with “Për ne të dy” (For us both; lyrics and orchestration by Sokol Marsi)[citation needed] and wins Magjia e Parë” (The First Magic) prize.

At the 2008 “Kënga Magjike” she takes part with “Tjetra” (The other one; lyrics by Pandi Laço, composed by Darko Dimitrov) and wins the Çmimi Çesk Zadeja” (Çesk Zadeja Prize).[6]

In her duet with Kosovar singer Eliza Hoxha titled “Rruga e zemrës” (Hearts’ way; lyrics by Eliza Hoxha, composed by Darko Dimitrov), Rosela wins the first place and “Çmimi Çesk Zadeja” of the 2009 edition of “Kënga Magjike”.[7] In January 2010 the two singers, in cooperation with Pixels Productions shot the video for this song in Pristina, which would become Rosela’s first one.

Although she does not compete in the 2010 “Kënga Magjike” owing to other activities, as winners of last edition Rosela and Eliza open this edition's final on 20 November. In addition to this, they also accompany comedian Agron Llakaj along Shpëtim Saraçi on piano in interpreting “Dialog me këngët e dashurisë” (Dialogue with the love songs), summarising Ardit Gjebrea’s hits over time.

In 2011 Rosela participates for the fourth time in the “Kënga Magjike” with “Sikur të isha ti” (Wish I was you; composed by Darko Dimitrov, lyrics by Big Basta), winning the Best Lyrics prize and achieving fifth place in the final ranking. The song reached top place at the Albania Top 5 in Radio+ FM and remained there for five consecutive weeks.

“Këngët e Shekullit”[edit]

Third edition (2010 ‒ 2011)[edit]

In 2010 Rosela is invited to be part of the TV Klan’s third edition of the well-known weekly show Këngët e Shekullit” (Songs of the Century). The show started 16 October 2010, lasts for twelve weeks through Christmas, ending on 2011 New Year's Eve, and brings together ten best Albanian music artists and one hundred best songs. As the youngest participant and one of three artists from Shkodër, she performs alongside veterans Merita Halili, Ramadan Krasniqi, Frederik Ndoci, Stefi and Endri Prifti, Eranda Libohova, Irini Qirjako, Selami Kolonja, Maya, Bujar Qamili, etc. In order to dedicate herself to this show Rosela does not participate in other festivals.[8]

Songs she has been performing here each week, in order of appearance are: “Kur më del në derë” (When you get at the door), “S’ka ma të bukur se pranvera” (Nothing’s as beautiful as spring), “Ku po shkon me ato dimi?” (Where do you go with that shalwar?), “Djalë i dashtun” (Dear boy), “Sa të kam dashtë unë ty” (How much I have loved you), “O zambak i bardhë” (White lily), “O moj e vogël sa të du” (You little one I love you so), “Të dinja të vogël” (I imagined you small), “Xhamadani kuq si gjaku” (Doublet red as blood), “Këndon gjeli” (Rooster sings; virtual duet with Xhavit Xhepa), “Kur më vjen burri nga stani”, “Për mu paska kenë kismet” (This seems to have been my fate) and “Kur perëndon dielli” (When the sun goes down; also known as “Po t’jemi bashkë ne të dy” (If we could be together); duet with Bujar Qamili).

Rosela’s recital, also named “Rosela dhe miqtë” (Rosela and friends), becomes the opening evening of the second eleven-weeks-long part of this edition starting on 15 January 2011 in a different format, a privilege given to the youngest artist of the show. Tickets for this evening were given for free.

Except for bringing together all of her songs from last year, here she additionally performed a collage of other artists’ songs from this show, accompanied by the orchestra (including songs “I yti qeshë dhe jam” (Selami Kolonja), “Gjitonen që kisha pranë” (Maya), “O bilbil ore këngëtar” (Eranda Libohova), “Ti në kumull, unë në kumull” (Bujar Qamili)), “Serenatë për nusen” (Serenade for the bride) in duet with Sidrit Bejleri, and an emotionally charged duet with her father, Myfit Gjylbegu, in “Karafilat që ka Shkodra” (Cloves Shkodra has).

She reperformed her songs “Po t’jemi bashkë ne të dy” with Pirro Çako instead, and “Kur më vjen burri nga stani”, this time in a humorous cooperation with the three young tenors discovered in the third edition of Gjeniu i vogël show in 2010, Tedi Paçrami, Kledi Mahmutaj and Riad Bashi.

In addition to this, a candid-camera style footage of Rosela at the backstages of the 2010 show was shown.

Fourth edition (2011 ‒ 2012)[edit]

Starting 22 October 2011 through 2 January 2012, Rosela takes part in the fourth edition of TV Klan's programme dedicated to best foreign songs of the century. Worth mentioning are her duets “I don't wanna talk about it” (with Redon Makashi), “Corazon Espinado” (with Altin Goci), “I want to spend my lifetime loving you” (with Frederik Ndoci), “Mina Medley” (with Eliza Hoxha) and “Empire state of mind” (with Big Basta). Apart from duets, she performs the hits “Historia de un amor”, “Addicted to love”, “What a feeling”, “Ne me quitte pas”, “Gli uomini/Almeno tu nell' universo” and “O Happy Day”, performing in English, French and Italian.

Acting and other activities[edit]

In 2004 Rosela takes part in the Notre-Dame de Paris musical where she cooperates with many famous artists of Albanian music. Here she plays the role of Fleur-de-Lys de Gondelaurier[citation needed] and performs the associated song “Ces diamants-là” (These diamonds here) in duet with Arbër Arapi, who plays Phoebus de Chateaupers.

In December 2009, she appears lip syncing in the music video for the song “S’të fal” (I won’t forgive you) from Kthjellu featuring Flori and dedicated to Dritan Hoxha,[citation needed] founder of Top Media, who died in a car accident in 2008.

In 2010 Rosela becomes host and protagonist of the documentary “Discover Tirana with Rosela Gjylbegu” of “Southeast Europe’s: People and Culture” website[3] developed by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enlargement with the aim to inform visitors about cultural activities in Southeast Europe and thus forming part of Commission’s information and communication activities in the field of EU-enlargement.[9] While talking mainly about Rosela and her activities, the documentary informs the viewer about Tirana and opportunities there.

As written above, on 19 November 2010, in the 2010 “Kënga Magjike” Rosela and Eliza accompany comedian Agron Llakaj and pianist Shpëtim Saraçi in interpreting “Dialog me këngët e dashurisë” (Dialogue with the love songs), summarising this festival’s creator’s, Ardit Gjebrea’s hits of his career.

On 5 December 2010 she plays part in Vizion +’s weekly comedy show Apartamenti 2XL as a surprise guest in its tenth episode of season two.

Rosela has presented along with the comedian Julian Deda the 50th Albanian Nationwide Children's Song Festival held in Shkodër in July 2012.

Music videos[edit]

Rosela has recorded five music videos for the songs “Pëshpëritje zemrash”, “Rruga e zemrës”, “Një tjetër jetë”, “Formula e lumturisë” and “Pafundësi”.


Festivali i Këngës

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2006 "Pa ty,pa mua" Second Prize Won

Kënga Magjike

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2007 "Per ne te dy" The First Magic Won
2008 "Tjetra" Cesk Zadeja Prize Won
2009 "Rruga e zemres(ft.Eliza Hoxha)" First Prize Won
Cesk Zadeja Prize Won
2011 "Sikur te isha ti" Best Lyrics Won
2014 "Rri me mua" Best Ballad Won
Third Prize Won
2016 "Maratone" Cesk Zadeja Prize Won

Cmimet Kult/Kult Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2015 "Rri me mua" Song of the Year Won

Netet e Klipit Shqiptare

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2015 "Jam aty(ft.Vullnet)" The best story in video Won

Kenga Ime

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2014 "Tash s'po du(ft.Stresi)" Public Prize Won

Zhurma Show Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2015 "Jam aty(ft.Vullnet)" Best Rock Won

Discography and singles[edit]

Rosela has not released any albums. The following sortable table summarises some of her known performances (including ones mentioned above) in alphabetical order:

Song title English meaning Year Language Cooperating artists Occasion and/or remarks Ref.
Addicted to love 2011 English “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“Ancora” Still 2010 Italian E diela shqiptare
“Another Dream, Another Day” English [10]
Aserejé I said Spanish [10]
“Atdheut” To the homeland 2009 Albanian Myfarete Laze, Sidrit Bejleri, Bashkim Alibali, Sabahet Vishnja, Ervin Bushati, Dorina Garuci First anniversary of Kosovo’s Independence
“Botë memece” Dumb world Albanian “Festivali i 46-të i Këngës në RTSH” (?) [11]
Caruso 2012 Italian A Show
“Ces diamants-là” These diamonds here 2004 French Arbër Arapi “Notre-Dame de Paris” musical
Corazón espinado 2011 English, Spanish Altin Goci “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“Cuore matto” Crazy heart Italian [10]
“Dëshirë” Desire 2012 Albanian “Festivali i 51-të i Këngës në RTSH”
“Diferenca je ti” You make the difference 2010 Albanian Pirro Çako “E diela shqiptare”
“Djalë i dashtun” Dear boy 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (4th evening)
Orchestration by Roland Guli
“Djali i kumbarës” Godfather's son 2014 Albanian “Kënga ime”
“Djali simpatik” Cute boy 2013 Albanian Samanta Karavello “100 vjet muzikê” (15th evening)
“Donna con te” Woman with you 2010 Italian [10]
“E duam lumturinë” We want the happiness 2010 Albanian “E diela shqiptare”
“E ritorno da te” Return to you Italian [10]
“Egoist” Egoist 2009 Albanian Composed by Darko Dimitrov [10]
Endless love English ? [10]
Empire State of Mind 2011 English, Spanish Big Basta “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“Festë në fshat” Celebration in the village 2010 Albanian Histori me zhurmues
“Fëmijë” Children 2009 Albanian [10]
“Formula e lumturisë” Formula to happiness 2012 Albanian Sinan Vllasaliu [12]
Gli uomini/Almeno tu nell'universo 2011 Italian “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“Grurë dhe këngë” Wheat and songs 2010 Albanian “Histori me zhurmues”
“Hirushja” Cinderella 2003 Albanian “Festivali i 42-të i Këngës në RTSH” [10]
Historia de un Amor 2011 Spanish “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
How Do I Live 2011 English TV Koha
I Don't Want to Talk About It 2011 English Redon Makashi “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You 2011 English Frederik Ndoci “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
It’s Raining Men English [10]
“Jeta s’është lodër” Life’s not a toy Albanian [10]
“Karafilat që ka Shkodra” Cloves Shkodra has 2011 Albanian Myfit Gjylbegu “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (13th evening)
“Këndon gjeli” Rooster sings 2010 Albanian Xhavit Xhepa (virtual duet) “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (9th evening)
“Kënga e nënës” Song for the mother 2012 Albanian “100 vjet muzikë” (11th evening)
“Këputa një degë dafine” I cut off a laurel branch 2010 Albanian Renis Gjoka “Histori me zhurmues”
“Kolazh” Collage 2011 Albanian Orchestra “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (13th evening)
Includes “I yti qeshë dhe jam”, “Gjitonen që kisha pranë”, “O bilbil ore këngëtar”, “Ti në kumull, unë në kumull”
“Kthehu” Come back 2012 Albanian Renis Gjoka, Rovena Dilo, Juliana Pasha, Olta Boka, ? “100 vjet muzikë” (3rd evening)
“Ku po shkon me ato dimi?” Where do you go with that shalwar? 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (3rd evening)
“Kur më del në derë” When you get at the door 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (1st evening)
“Kur më vjen burri nga stani” 2010 Albanian Tedi Paçrami, Kledi Mahmutaj, Riad Bashi “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (10th evening)
“Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (13th evening)
“Kur perëndon dielli”
(or “Po t’jemi bashkë ne të dy”)
When the sun goes down
(or If we could be together)
2010 Albanian Bujar Qamili or
Pirro Çako
“Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (12th evening)
2011 New Year's Eve
“Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (13th evening)
La solitudine The loneliness Italian [10]
“Lo sai” You know Italian [10]
“Loçka jeme” My sweetheart 2011 Albanian Olta Boka “E diell” (“Fqinjët e lumtur”)
Long Train Runnin’ 2009 English E Diell
“Lulebore” Hortensia -; 2011 Albanian -; Pirro Çako “Këngët e Shekullit”
“Lulet e majit” The May flowers Albanian Top Show [10]
“Margjelo” Oh Margjel 2009 Albanian “E diela shqiptare” [10]
“Me lule” With flowers Albanian
“Medley” Albanian, French, Russian, Greek, Neapolitan [13]
“Memory” English Gala evening
“Mesnatë” Midnight 2011, 2012 Albanian -; Sheila Haxhiraj “Festivali i 48-të i Këngës në RTSH”; “100 vjet muzikë”
“Me ty kaq pranë” With you so close 2013 Albanian “E diela shqiptare”
“Më do apo s'më do?” Do you love me or not? 2003 Albanian “Ethet e së premtes mbrëma” (1st edition)
“Mina Medley” 2011 English Eliza Hoxha “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“Moj bubrrec” You roach Albanian [10]
More Than Words 2014 English Lynx Gala evening
Ne me quitte pas 2011 French “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“Një tjetër jetë” Another life 2009 Albanian Eliza Hoxha, Pirro Çako “Festivali i 48-të i Këngës në RTSH”
Non riesco a farti innamorare I can’t make you fall in love 2009 Italian “E Diell” [10]
Oh Happy Day 2011 English “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“O moj e vogël sa të du” You little one, I love you so 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (7th evening)
“O zambak i bardhë” White lily 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (6th evening)
“Oh moj ti me sytë e zi” Oh you black-eyed 2010 Albanian “E diela shqiptare”
One More Time English [10]
“Pa ty, pa mua” Without you, without me 2006 Albanian “Festivali i 45-të i Këngës në RTSH” [10]
“Pafundësi” Infinity 2012 Albanian Lyrics by Zhaku, music by Kledi Bahiti
“Për mu paska kenë kismet” This seems to have been my fate 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (11th evening)
Created by Palok Kurti
“Për ne të dy” For both of us 2007 Albanian “Kënga Magjike” 2007
“Pëshpëritje zemrash” Hearts’ whispers 2004 Albanian Arbër Arapi “Festivali i 43-të i Këngës në RTSH” [10]
“Po lind një yll” A star is rising 2006 Albanian “Festivali i 46-të i Këngës në RTSH”
“Potpuri tironse” Medley from Tirana Albanian
“Pragu i vegjëlisë” Childhood threshold 2012 Albanian “100 vjet muzikë” (3rd evening)
“Rainbow” 2011 English “E diela shqiptare”
“Rrjedh në këngë e ligjërime” Flows through songs and lectures 2012 Albanian Juliana Pasha “100 vjet muzikë” (nata 3)
“Rruga e zemrës” Heart’s way 2009 Albanian Eliza Hoxha “Kënga Magjike” 2009
“S’dua” I don’t want Albanian [10]
“S’dua më të dashuroj” I no longer want to love Albanian Lyrics by Adrian Hila
“S’ka ma të bukur se pranvera” Nothing’s as beautiful as spring 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (2nd evening)
“Sa shumë të kam dashtë unë ty” How much I have loved you 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (5th evening)
“Say No” English [10]
“Se biri yt unë jam” For I am your son 2011 Albanian Dorina Garuci, Frederik Ndoci Albanian local elections, 2011
“Serenatë për nusen” Serenade for the bride 2011 Albanian Sidrit Bejleri “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (13th evening)
Set Fire to the Rain 2013 English “E diela shqiptare”
“Shkoj e vi flutr’im si zogu”
(or “Popullore shkodrane”)
I come and go flying as a bird
(or Popular from Shkodër)
Albanian [10]
“Si dukat i vogël je” You’re small as a golden coin Albanian [10]
“Sikur të isha ti” Wish I was you 2011 Albanian “Kënga Magjike” 2011
Someone Like You English “A Show”
“Sonte” Tonight Albanian [10]
“Sot jam njëzet vjeç” I'm twenty today 2012 Albanian Sheila Haxhiraj “100 vjet muzikë”
Tell Him 2003 English Vikena Kamenica
“Tash s’po du” I don’t want now 2014 Albanian Stresi “Kënga ime”
“Të dinja të vogël” I imagined you small 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (8th evening)
“Thëllëzat që hedhin valle” Dancing partridges Albanian
“Tjetra” The other one 2008 Albanian “Kënga Magjike” 2008 [10]
Tra te e il mare Between you and the sea 2003 Italian Laura Pausini (virtual duet) “Ethet e së premtes mbrëma” (final night) [10]
“Vajzo moj, lule moj” Flower girl 2012 Albanian Redon Makashi “100 vjet muzikë” (11th evening)
“Vetëm një fjalë” Just a single word Albanian
“Viva la mamma” Long live mum 2011 Albanian Olta Boka “E diell” (“Fqinjët e lumtur”)
What a Feeling 2011 English “Këngët e Shekullit” (fourth edition)
“Without You” 1998 English [10]
“Xhamadani kuq si gjaku” Doublet red as blood 2010 Albanian “Këngët e Shekullit” (third edition) (9th evening)
“Xhaketa e kuqe” The red jacket 2012 Albanian Juliana Pasha “100 vjet muzikê” (3rd evening)
Zemrën e lamë peng Hearts trapped in time 2011 Albanian Olta Boka, Kamela Islamaj “E diell” (“Glamour Caffe”)
(a total of 106 performances listed)


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