Roselyne et les lions

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Roselyne et les lions
Directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix
Written by Jean-Jacques Beineix
Jacques Forgeas
Thierry Le Portier
Starring Isabelle Pasco
Gérard Sandoz
Gabriel Monnet
Music by Reinhardt Wagner
Cinematography Jean-François Robin
Edited by Anick Baly
Marie Castro
Danielle Fillios
Release date
April 12, 1989 (France)
Country France
Language French

Roselyne et les lions (Roselyne and the Lions) is a 1989 French film directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix.

Thierry does odd jobs in a zoo in Marseille in exchange for lessons from Frazier the lion trainer. He meets Roselyne and they leave together to find work. They are taken on by a circus in Munich and achieve success as lion trainers when the trainer Klint loses his nerve.


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