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Rosemarie Ives is the former mayor of Redmond, Washington.

Ives was born Rosemarie Moccia to Italian immigrants to the United States. She is married to Jonathan Ives and has a son named Gregory. She earned a History degree and was a social studies teacher before moving to Redmond in 1980. She was appointed to the Planning Commission[1] in 1983 by Mayor Christine Himes and won election as Mayor against incumbent Doreen Marchione in 1991.[2]

Ives has served Redmond during an incredible period of economic growth as Redmond is home to company facilities for such companies as Microsoft,[2] Aerojet, Nintendo, Cingular Wireless, Medtronic, Eddie Bauer, Genie Industries and Safeco Insurance.

She has received some criticism for the way in which the new Redmond City Hall was financed as well as the scope of the project. The new city hall has been estimated to cost Redmond taxpayers between $60–80 million and has significant unused space.

In 2006 she convinced the Redmond City Council to support a Levy Lid Lift ballot measure to increase Redmond's property tax rate more than 50%. It was defeated in a special election.[3] The city council approved a budget in late 2006 that maintained service levels by increasing some taxes and spending less on capital improvements.[4] In 2007, a modest levy measure was passed in support of police and fire protection; the measure was opposed by Mayor Ives.

Her term ended December 31, 2007; she was succeeded by John Marchione, the son of the woman she defeated in her first mayoral race.[2]


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Preceded by
Doreen Marchione
Mayor of Redmond
Succeeded by
John Marchione