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Rosemary Clooney discography
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Singer Rosemary Clooney (May 23, 1928 – June 29, 2002) is known for many songs, including "Come On-a My House", "Botch-a-Me", "Mambo Italiano", "Tenderly", "Half as Much", "Hey There" and "This Ole House". This is a partial discography.

Singles discography[edit]

Year Single Chart positions
1948 "You Started Something" (with Tony Pastor)
b/w "The Click Song" (by Tony Pastor)
1949 "It's Like Taking Candy From a Baby"
b/w "The Chowder Social" (also with Betty Clooney)
(Both sides with Tony Pastor)
"Grieving for You" (with Tony Pastor)
b/w "Saturday Night Mood" (by Tony Pastor)
"A You're Adorable"
b/w "It's a Cruel Cruel World"
(Both sides with Betty Clooney & Tony Pastor)
1951 "You're Just in Love"
b/w "Marrying for Love"
(Both sides with Guy Mitchell)
"Beautiful Brown Eyes"
b/w "Shot Gun Boogie"
"Come On-a My House"
b/w "Rose of the Mountain"
"Mixed Emotions"
b/w "Kentucky Waltz"
"I'm Waiting Just for You" 21
"If Teardrops Were Pennies" 24
"I Wish I Wuz"
b/w "Mixed Emotions"
b/w "Bless This House"
"Find Me"
b/w "I Only Saw Him Once"
1952 "Be My Life's Companion"
b/w "Why Don't You Love Me"
b/w "Did Anyone Call"
"Half As Much"
b/w "Poor Whip-Poor-Will (Move Over, Move Over)"
1 3
b/w "On the First Warm Day"
"Too Old to Cut the Mustard"
b/w "Good for Nothin'"
(Both tracks with Marlene Dietrich)
"Blues in the Night" 17
"Who Kissed Me Last Night?" 23
"The Night Before Christmas Song" (with Gene Autry) 9
"If I Had a Penny"
b/w "You're After My Own Heart"
"Little Red Riding Hood's Christmas Tree"
b/w "Suzy Snowflake"
"You'll Never Know"
b/w "The Continental"
(Both tracks with Harry James)
1953 "Withered Roses"
b/w "You Love Me Just Enough to Hurt Me"
(Both tracks with George Morgan)
"What Would You Do (If You Were in My Place)"
b/w "I Laughed Until I Cried"
"It's the Same"
b/w "Dot's Nice - Donna Fight!"
(Both tracks with Marlene Dietrich)
"Dennis the Menace"
b/w "Little Josey"
(Both tracks with Jimmy Boyd)
"When I See You"
b/w "It Just Happened to Me"
"Cheekan Choonem (I Haven't Got It)"
b/w "Stick with Me"
"Shoo, Turkey, Shoo"
b/w "Lonely Am I"
1954 "Happy Christmas, Little Friend"
b/w "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S"
"Man (Uh-huh)"
b/w "Woman (Uh-huh)" (By José Ferrer)
"Brave Man"
b/w "Tomorrow I'll Dream and Remember"
"Hey There" 1 4
"This Ole House" 1 1
"Sisters" (with Betty Clooney)
b/w "Love -- You Didn't Do Right by Me"
"Let's Give a Present to Santa Claus"
b/w "March of the Christmas Toys" (By José Ferrer)
"Mambo Italiano"
b/w "We'll Be Together Again"
10 1
"Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep"
b/w "White Christmas"
"Mr. and Mrs."
b/w "Marry the Man"
1955 "Open Up Your Heart (and Let the Sun Shine In)"
b/w "The Lord Is Counting on You"
(Both tracks with sister Gale Clooney)
"Where Will the Dimple Be?"
b/w "Brahm's Lullaby (Close Your Eyes)"
"Love Among the Young"
b/w "A Touch of the Blues"
"Sailor Boys Have Talk to Me in English"
b/w "Go On By"
"Go On By"
b/w "I Whisper Your Name"
"Pet Me, Poppa"
b/w "Wake Me"
1956 "The Key to My Heart"
b/w "A Little Girl at Heart"
"Memories of You"
b/w "It's Bad for Me"
(Both tracks with Benny Goodman)
b/w "A Fine Romance"
(Both tracks with Benny Goodman)
"I Could Have Danced All Night" 49
"I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face" 70
"He'll Be Coming Down the Chimney"
b/w "Mommy, Can I Keep the Kitten?"
(Both tracks with sister Gail Clooney)
"(Don't That Take The) Rag Offen the Bush"
b/w "Love Is a Feeling"
1957 "Mangos"
b/w "Independent (On My Own)"
10 17
"Sing, Little Birdie, Sing"
b/w "Who Dot Mon, Mom?"
"(You Can't Lose the Blues With) Colors"
b/w "That's How It Is"
b/w "Love and Affection"
1958 "You Don't Know Him"
b/w "Surprise!"
"Diga Me (Deega May-Tell Me)"
b/w "Love, Look Away"
"Morning Music of Montmartre"
b/w "Give It All You Got" (With José Ferrer)
"You're So Right for Me" (With José Ferrer)
b/w "Hey, Madame"
"It's a Boy"
b/w "The Loudenboomer Bird"
1959 "Ain't A-Hankerin'"
b/w "Protection"
(Both sides with Bob Hope)
"For You"
b/w "I Wonder"
"A Touch of the Blues"
b/w "I Wish I Were in Love Again"
1960 "Many a Wonderful Moment"
b/w "Vaya Vaya (Go My Darling Go)"
"Danke Schon"
b/w "Swing Me"
"Hey, Look Me Over"
b/w "What Takes My Fancy?"
"Theme from 'Return to Peyton Place'"
b/w "Without Love"
1961 "Give Myself a Party"
b/w "If I Can Stay Way Long Enough"
1963 "I Will Follow You"
b/w "The Rose and the Butterfly"
"Prisoner's Song"
b/w "Mixed Emotions"
"Hello Faithless"
b/w "A Hundred Years from Today"
1964 "Stay Awake"
b/w "A Spoonful of Sugar"
1966 "I Need a Broken Heart (Like a Hole in the Head)"
b/w "Round and Round"
1968 "One Less Bell to Answer"
b/w "Let Me Down Easy"
1976 "When You Got Love"
b/w "The Very Thought of Losing You"



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