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A bottle of Rosemount Pinot grigio

Rosemount is an Australian winery based in Hunter Region and South Australia, owned by Treasury Wine Estates.[1] At the turn of the 21st century, Rosemount was the second best selling Australian wine brand in the US.[2]


The company was established in 1969 by Bob Oatley and was Australia's largest family owned winery[2] until its March 2001 merger with Southcorp Wines,[1] which in 2005 merged with the Foster's Group.

Rosemount's first commercially released wine was a Chardonnay-Sémillon labeled as Pinot Riesling, reflecting the Hunter Region tradition of then calling Sémillon "Hunter Riesling".[3]

In October 2000, Rosemount announced a partnership with Robert Mondavi Winery to create a joint venture marketing both Californian and Australian wines under a new label collaboration.[2]

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