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Rosenberg Shoes
Industry Retail
Founded 1903 (1903)
Founder David Rosenberg
Headquarters 65 Chapel Street, Windsor, Australia
Area served
Products Large Size Footwear

Rosenberg Shoes is one of Australia's oldest surviving family specialty footwear stores located in the inner south-eastern suburb of Windsor in the city of Melbourne. Founded by David Rosenberg in 1903, the store catered to providing footwear for individuals who required tailored fittings, crafting a speciality in large, small and wider fittings. Presently, the store sells only larger sizes and operates an online store and physical location.


Rosenberg shoes store front. The old style and heritage listed facade comprises extruded brass and the stain-glass rotunda.

The time at which David Rosenberg arrived was a jubilant time, just two years after Australia was granted federation by the British parliament Constituted by Royal Assent 9 in July 1900. Federation taking effect on 1 January 1901.[1]

David, one of five brothers emigrated from Ghetomah, Russia with the intention of relocating to and starting his new life in New Zealand. After his long journey by sea, David's second port of call after South Africa was to the city of Melbourne, Australia. This was where he met and fell in love with his soon to be wife Matilda. All plans to continue on his travels to New Zealand were soon forgotten. With his new wife Matilda and content with his new found home, David set about creating his business that has become his legacy lasting for more than a century.

Due to difficulties of that time and the tyranny of distance, with his brothers dispersed each travelling to numerous continents, all historical records and communications were lost.

Survived by his ancestors, the store has been passed from generation to generation. David Rosenberg Sr. was succeeded by Marcus Rosenberg, then passed to David Rosenberg, and now Stuart Rosenberg. The store has survived the passage of time, world war, and even historical criminal encounters with notorious underworld figures such as Joseph Theodore Leslie more commonly known as Squizzy Taylor who in the early 1900s robbed the store then tried selling the stolen booty back to David.

In 1992, the City of Stonnington council categorised the Rosenberg facade as being of high historical importance[2] by listing it with a Heritage A2[3] significants, during its review on preserving iconic and key landmarks within the area of Prahran, Victoria.

The stores classic facade still remains intact and provides a reminder to onlookers of a bygone era. With stained glass elements included within the stores windows and rotunda, it compliments the brass extruded framework.


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