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The Roses Tournament is an annual sports competition between Lancaster University and the University of York in England, and is the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe. It is organised by their respective Students' Unions, YUSU and LUSU. It takes its name from the 15th Century civil war, The Wars of the Roses, between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. The competition is held every summer, alternating its venue between the two universities.


The first event happened on 15 May 1965 after the Vice-Chancellor of York, Lord James of Rusholme, suggested a boat race between the two universities. The students amplified this idea and held a 3-day event with a variety of sports: rowing, table tennis, relay race, mixed field hockey, and tug of war. The winner of each of the sports received two points, and the losing vice-chancellor presented a trophy to the winning university. The event has continued to increase in size since its founding, with new events added every year (2004 had 37 different sports). Live coverage of the event is broadcast every year by a joint collaboration between the two university's student television stations YSTV and LA1:TV, and its two student radio stations, Bailrigg FM and University Radio York. The importance of non-sporting social activities at the event has also been increased, with organised events on the Friday and Saturday evenings.


  • Lancaster: 25 wins (21 home, 4 away)
  • York: 27 wins (23 home, 4 away)
  • Draws: 1
Year Host Winner Lancaster York
1965 York York
1966 Lancaster Lancaster
1967 York York
1968 Lancaster Lancaster
1969 York York
1970 Lancaster Lancaster
1971 York York
1972 Lancaster Lancaster
1973 York Lancaster
1974 Lancaster Draw
1975 York Lancaster
1976 Lancaster Lancaster
1977 York Lancaster
1978 Lancaster York
1979 York York
1980 Lancaster Lancaster
1981 York York
1982 Lancaster Lancaster
1983 York York
1984 Lancaster Lancaster
1985 York Lancaster
1986 Lancaster Lancaster
1987 York York
1988 Lancaster Lancaster
1989 York York
1990 Lancaster Lancaster
1991 York York
1992 Lancaster York
1993 York York
1994 Lancaster Lancaster
1995 York York
1996 Lancaster Lancaster
1997 York York
1998 Lancaster Lancaster
1999 York York
2000 Lancaster Lancaster
2001 York York
2002 Lancaster York 119.5 120.5[1]
2003 York York 101 132
2004 Lancaster Lancaster 145 107
2005 York York 91.5 159.5[2]
2006 Lancaster Lancaster 134 115
2007 York York 103 143[3]
2008 Lancaster York 122 124[4][5][6][7]
2009 York York 79.5 194.5[8][9][10]
2010 Lancaster Lancaster 157.5 105.5[11][12][13][14]
2011 York York 104.5 176.5[15]
2012 Lancaster Lancaster 156.5 131.5[16]
2013 York York 105.5 180.5[17]
2014 Lancaster Lancaster 183.5 142.5[18]
2015 York York 141.5 227.5[19]
2016 Lancaster Lancaster 212.5 138.5 [20]
2017 York York 159.5 206.5 [21]

Special notes[edit]

The Lancaster University Men's Hockey Club 3rd Team, Lancaster Bombers American Football team and the Lancaster Trampolining team were the only teams to remain unbeaten in the history of the tournament to date going into Roses 2012, however all three teams lost to their York counterparts in 2012.[22]

In the 2011 tournament a stadium was used for the first time. The Rugby 1sts XV battled it out at Huntington Stadium, the home of the York City Knights.[23] During the 2013 tournament York opted to use the same venue again, for the second year running.

For the 50th battle of the Roses in 2014, the tournament was hosted at Lancaster, with the event highlighted with marketing across campus with players from all sports to boost morale. Lancaster created a purpose built stadium for first time which hosted both the opening and closing ceremony, as well as fixtures including women's rugby, men's rugby and archery. Wins were taken by Lancaster in sports that have previously been won by York annually, such as Rugby XV 3rds and 2nds, Men's Lacrosse and Badminton. The women's basketball fixture on the Sunday, won by Lancaster, took the university across the threshold needed to win the tournament. Octopush, a form of underwater hockey, was featured for the first time in the 2014 tournament. Bar sports were dominated by Lancaster, taking a whitewash in both pool and darts.

The 2015 tournament was officially opened by England football team manager Roy Hodgson and Football Association chairman Greg Dyke. The opening ceremony, which featured a series of boxing matches dubbed 'Friday Night Fight Night', was watched by 1,000 people in the University of York's Central Hall, with a further 5,000 people watching on large screens across campus. It was also the first year that one university had scored more than 200 points; however more point scoring activities are present now compared to 50 years ago.[24]

Current list of sports[edit]

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009


The LUSU Full Time Officers ran campaigns during Roses 2016 including the 'Respect the Rose' campaign to ensure the event would be a safe and accessible space for all students. Following numerous sexist and racist incidents that occurred during Roses 2015 the year before, the campaign aimed to tackle discrimination in sport. The national *This Girl Can campaign was also ran on a local level as 'This Roses Girl Can' as part of a year-long campaign championing women in sport, tackling sexism in sport, closing the gendered participation gap and to challenge the under-representation of women's sport in wider society.


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