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Rosewood is an unincorporated community in Wayne County, North Carolina, United States, located at the intersection of NC 581 and Rosewood Road, 1 mile south of U.S. Route 70.


The community contains an elementary(k-5), middle(6-8), and high(9-12) school. Rosewood Middle is at the intersection of Rosewood Road and NC 581 S. in the original Rosewood School building. Rosewood High School is adjacent to the middle school on Rosewood Road. The elementary school is on the corner of Rosewood Road and Charlie Braswell Road.


The community operates two volunteer fire departments, Rosewood and Oakland. There are several churches of various denominations within Rosewood including Rosewood First Baptist, Rosewood Church of God, Pine Forest United Methodist Church, Barnes Chapel Church, and Westwood United Methodist Church. There are several families who have been in the community for several generations and still remain active parts of the community.


In recent years the city of Goldsboro has satellite annexed areas nearby the community in order for several stores to move into the area inclucing McDonald's, Domino's, Walmart, and Dollar Tree. The main industry is still farming including hog and chicken houses as well as tobacco, corn, sweet potato, strawberry, cotton, and soybean farming.


Rosewood is a politically conservative community and represented by Republicans in the local and state legislators. Steve Keen was elected to the Wayne County Commission representing the Rosewood and Grantham Communities in 2008. Rosewood is represented by Efton Sager in the North Carolina House and David Rouzer in the North Carolina Senate, both of which were also elected in 2008.


The community is bordered by Goldsboro to the east, Johnston County to the west, Grantham Community to the south and U.S. Route 70 to the north.

Coordinates: 35°24′49″N 078°04′15″W / 35.41361°N 78.07083°W / 35.41361; -78.07083




  • The main highway near Rosewood is U.S. Route 70, just to the north.