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For the surname, see Rosier (surname).

Rosier, according to A Dictionary Of Angels by Gustav Davidson, is "a former lesser-rank angel of the order of dominations, now officiating in Hell", the cited source being Sebastien Michaelis' Admirable History of the Possession and Conversion of a Penitent Woman (1612). Rosier does not appear in the Bible (or Apocrypha), and is not mentioned in the Catholic Encyclopedia or Britannica, but Rosier is recognized in esoteric tradition as a fallen angel (specifically a Dominion of the Second Sphere), and is considered the patron demon of tainted love and seduction. Rosier is French for "rose tree" or "rose bush", and is a common surname in Francophone countries.

In popular culture[edit]

  • One of the main characters of Kaori Yuki's manga Angel Sanctuary is called Rosiel (also spelled Rociel, ロシエル in the original), and is named after the fallen angel (as stated by the author in a side note to volume 1). The different desinence is due to the uniformity of the [l] and [r] sounds in Japanese. However there are other ideas as to why the name is spelled with an 'l' rather than an 'r'. Rosiel, in Kaori Yuki's manga, Angel Sanctuary; the name difference due to Yuki ending the names of most angels with "el", meaning "god". When an angel turns away from god, he/she normally abandons the "el" in favour of "er". [See Volume 1]
  • Edward Rosier is a character in The Portrait Of A Lady by Henry James.
  • "Rosier the Fallen" is the religious hero of the evil religion "Ashen Veil" in the Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword fantasy mod "Fall from Heaven 2". However he is a human religious fighter who abandoned the good counterreligion "The Order".
  • Adam Rosier is a character in The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller.

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