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Not to be confused with Rossignol.

Rosignol is a small village on the west bank of the Berbice River in Guyana at 6°16′25″N 57°32′25″W / 6.27361°N 57.54028°W / 6.27361; -57.54028Coordinates: 6°16′25″N 57°32′25″W / 6.27361°N 57.54028°W / 6.27361; -57.54028.

[1] The town is important because it has a port, the Rosignol Stelling, that used to be the main crossing point on the western bank of the Berbice River, it is also a main stopping and exchange point for public transportation vehicles travelling along routes 50 and 53. New Amsterdam is on the east bank. The population consists primarily of people of Indian and African origin.

Rosignol was home to two cinemas, the Atma and the Ritz (the latter of which burned down). The cinemas were popular in their heyday and patrons came from many miles and towns away. The cinemas attraction faded with the introduction of VCR's and later with DVD's. Another major attraction was Hollywood Bar (Naggy's), which was owned by Edward Barratt. There were also Iris Chan bar (Mr. Chan's rum shop), and at one time it hosted the only gas station for entire West Berbice. It also at one point contained an adult entertainment house called 'Wellie's'. Sweet Lips Disco is the life of the small nearby village. The town plays host to the biggest one day market (Saturday) in the Region. The huge Rosignol Fisheries is next to the stelling.

As of 2013 the town has improved a lot, though poverty is still an issue. Many new businesses have popped up on land that was once bushy and unused, and have been cleared for building purposes and agricultural use due to an increase in population. It has developed from a quiet village to being quite busy.

The recently constructed Berbice bridge has taken some of the life and importance of the old stelling but it still serves as a mode of transportation for people looking for a quick way to get across the river. There are some old buildings in the town that pose a threat to nearby buildings and are eyesores. Most are uninhabited or serve as living places for the few vagrants. Rosignol has three schools, a nursery school called Liberty hall Nursery, Rosignol Primary and Rosignol Secondary school.