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Roslyn Fuller
Born (1980-02-09) 9 February 1980 (age 39)
London, Ontario, Canada
OccupationAuthor, Academic, Model
NationalityCanadian, Irish

Roslyn Fuller (born 9 February 1980 in London, Ontario) is a Canadian-Irish author, academic and columnist.


Fuller attended North Lambton Secondary School in Forest, Ontario. After finishing high school, Fuller moved to Europe at the age of 19 where she learned German at the Technische Universitaet Clausthal-Zellerfeld and subsequently studied Law with a focus on Public International Law and Legal Philosophy at Georg-August-University in Goettingen, Germany.[1]

Following her graduation in 2006 she was accepted to write her PhD at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland due to her high results on the German Bar Exam (1st Staatsexamen).[2] She finished her PhD and graduated from Trinity in 2010 as a Doctor in Philosophy (Law), for her thesis on Democracy and International Law.[3]


Fuller graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy (Law) from Trinity College, Dublin. Her doctoral thesis is entitled "Democracy and International Law" and examines the origins and principles of Democracy and how they apply to today's nations and international organisations.

Before moving to Ireland, Fuller studied International Law at the Georg-August-University in Goettingen, Germany where she worked as an undergraduate assistant at the university. In 2007, in the run-up to the Irish Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Fuller published an analysis of Ireland's relationship to the process of European Integration in the German legal journal "Neue Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsrecht (NVwZ)"[4] She is also a regular contributor to the Irish Law Times on issues relating to International and European Law.[5]

Having taught on International Law at Trinity College and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Fuller published the second edition of "Biehler on International Law: An Irish Perspective", the only Irish textbook on international law, which continued the work of the late Gernot Biehler who had been the supervisor of Fuller's PhD thesis.[6]

Fuller has published extensive academic articles on issues ranging from Terrorism [7] to Participatory Democracy [8] and Whistleblowing.[9]


In 2012, Fuller appeared on a panel discussion on Tonight With Vincent Browne (TV3, Ireland) discussing the Savita Halappanavar case, the Gaza conflict, and other issues.[10]

Since 2014 Roslyn has been a regular contributor to the Op-Edge opinion column on RT (Russia Today),[11] writing on European and global politics, the War on Terror, Education and Whistleblowing. In April 2015 she started on a series of in-depth articles looking at the legal background to issues in the news called "The Fuller Picture" [12] within RT Op-Edge.

In 2014, Roslyn appeared as a guest on the Keiser Report[13] and Worlds Apart,[14] discussing democracy and whistle-blowing respectively. In December 2016, she talked to Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight about the failures of Western democracy and how to move towards an Athenian-style democracy.[15]

She is a regular contributor to Alternet[16] and the LA Review of Books[17] and her work has appeared in The Nation,[18] Salon,[19] the Toronto Star,[20] The Irish Times,[21] the Irish Independent [22] and The Journal,[23] as well as being a guest on a number of radio shows including BBC Newshour,[24] Sputnik [25] and Anonymous Radio.[26]

Election Campaign[edit]

In 2016, Fuller ran as an Independent candidate in the 2016 Irish general election. She received 775 votes.

She ran on a platform of digital democracy.[27][28] Following the election, Roslyn has implemented her election promise of direct people participation by conducting the first Digital Democracy experiment[29] in Ireland, in which she asked people in her electoral area of Dublin Fingal to discuss and decide on a number of local and national policy priorities. She has stated that she intends to take action on the outcome of the initiative as part of her election promise.[30]

Support for Whistle-blowers[edit]

In 2013 Fuller set up to raise money for organisations supporting whistle-blowers [31] For the project she combined photos from her modelling career with information on whistle-blowers throughout recent history. The project has been widely covered in media around the world.[32][33][34][35][36]


Fuller wrote her first novel - ISAK[37] - in 2005 while studying for the Bar Exam in Germany. The novel, which is set in the future, is an allegoric reflection of the issue of International Terrorism - a subject she closely studied while in Law School - and an attempt to uncover just what exactly terrorism is and which actions by governments or individuals can be subsumed under the term.

In 2007, parts of the novel were adapted as a stage play performed at the Irish Writers' Centre.[38]

In 2008, Fuller founded the Irish Writers' Exchange,[39] an organisation of both Irish authors and writers from around the world who have chosen to make Ireland their home away from home. The group contributes book reviews of current and classic fiction for Dublin-based multi-cultural newspaper Metro Éireann.[40] Fuller and her book ISAK were mentioned in the 2009 edition of German travel guide Marco Polo for Dublin[41]

In 2010 Fuller edited and contributed to "Dublin: Ten Journeys, One Destination", a collection of short stories published by the Irish Writers' Exchange.[42][43] In October 2011, her group won a special sponsors award at the MAMA Awards in Dublin.[44]

In 2014 Fuller accepted an offer from Zed Books to publish her academic research into democracy as a mainstream book. It was published in 2015 under the title Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed its Meaning and Lost its Purpose,[45] an analysis of the origins of democracy, its modern applications and the resulting loss of "people power". The book has received endorsements from Irish Independent columnist Fintan O'Toole, who called it "a timely and provocative look behind the clichés of Western politics"[46] as well as professor of law Marjorie Cohn and Jillian York of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. She was interviewed about the book on the Artist Taxi Driver,[47] This Is Hell (radio program)[48] and The University Times.[49]


Fuller worked as a model between 2005 and 2012, especially in the areas of fine art, glamour and nude art work. She has posed for some of Ireland’s best-known photographers (Vincent O’Byrne, Mike Brown - in 2012 nominated for the Black Spider Award for one of his photos of Fuller) and artists (Isobel Henihan, Sahoko Blake, the RHA). She has also worked abroad in Germany, the UK and Canada and has popularised[50][51] Bodypainting in Ireland, having been chosen three times to model at the World Bodypainting Festival[52] in Austria for special effects artist Raquel Guirro (Pan’s Labyrinth). She is extremely short: only 4’10".

Articles about her have been published in Hotpress,[53] the Sunday World,[54] Irish News of the World,[55] Irish Daily Star,[56] Irish Daily Star on Sunday[57] among others.

In 2009 she appeared on the TV show Ireland AM with bodypainter Nina Moore to publicise the World Bodypainting Festival [58] as well as enjoyed radio coverage on RTÉ's Mooney Show.[59]

From 2012 to 2014 Fuller organised the annual Irish Bodypainting Competition,[60][61] which has attracted media attention in Ireland,[62] the UK[63] and the US.[64]


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