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Rosoman (Macedonian: About this sound Росоман ) is a village in Republic of Macedonia. It is a seat of the Rosoman municipality.

The village boasts a small roadside market and a few restaurants also situated along the main road. These are strategically positioned so as to attract custom from outside the village, as Rosoman is one of the only villages on the route between Gradsko - to the north (from where motorists join the motorway for Greece or Skopje) - and the Pletvar mountains, which separate central Macedonia from the important cities of Prilep and Bitola. With no straight road connecting Prilep and Veles, all traffic is diverted via Rosoman.

Coordinates: 41°30′58″N 21°56′59″E / 41.5161111211°N 21.9497222322°E / 41.5161111211; 21.9497222322