Ross-on-Wye railway station

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Ross-on-Wye railway station
Ross-on-Wye Railway Station 1974 stitched panorama.jpg
The derelict Ross-on-Wye station in September 1974.
Place Ross-on-Wye
Area Herefordshire
Original company Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway
Pre-grouping Great Western Railway
Post-grouping Great Western Railway
Platforms 3
1 June 1855 Opened
2 November 1964 closed for passengers
1 November 1965 Closed for freight traffic
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
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Ross-on-Wye Station, with Hereford - Gloucester train in 1958
Hereford, Ross
and Gloucester Railway
Welsh Marches Line (S&HR)
Cotswold Line (OW&WR)
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Gloucester to Newport Line

Ross-on-Wye railway station is a former junction railway station on the Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway constructed just to the north of the Herefordshire town of Ross-on-Wye. It was the terminus of the Ross and Monmouth Railway which joined the Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway just south of the station.


The station was opened on 1 June 1855 by the Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway four years after line had received parliamentary consent to be constructed.

On 29 July 1862 the line was amalgamated with the Great Western Railway and in 1869 the line was converted from broad gauge to standard gauge in a five-day period. In 1873 the Ross and Monmouth Railway to Monmouth via Lydbrook was opened and it terminated at the station. The station then passed on to the Western Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948. A line from Ross-on-Wye to Tewkesbury was authorised by parliament in 1856 but was never built.

The lines to Ross closed in stages. On the Ross and Monmouth Railway passenger services were withdrawn and the section from Lydbrook Junction to Monmouth Troy was closed on 5 January 1959. The remaining section remained open until the 1st November 1965 for freight traffic only. The Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway closed to passengers on 2 November 1964 and the line south to the junction at Grange Court closed on 1 November 1965. The line going north to Rotherwas Junction and Hereford Station closed when passenger service were withdrawn in 1964.[1]

The brick built station building has been demolished and the site redeveloped into an industrial estate.[2] The brick goods and engine sheds still stand.

Ross on Wye station yard.
A Great Western Railway shed now a garden centre.

The Severn Valley Railway station at Kidderminster Town is based on the design for Ross-on-Wye even down to the decorative cast roof crestings; the patterns for which were derived from measurement of segments of the original ones.

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Walford Halt   Ross and Monmouth Railway
British Railways
Weston under Penyard Halt   Hereford, Ross and Gloucester Railway
British Railways
  Backney Halt


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