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Ross can be used as a given name, typically for males, but is also a typical family name for people of Scottish descent (Clan Ross). In this case the name is of Scottish origin. The family name can also be of German origin; in German, "Ross" or "Roß" means "horse".

List of people surnamed Ross[edit]

First name Ross[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Ross Geller, character on the TV series Friends
  • Ross, a minor character in Shakespeare's Macbeth
  • J.R. Ewing, character on the TV series Dallas
  • Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, a literary "dick-lit" character, created by Irish author Paul Howard
  • Ross Poldark, main character of The Poldark Novels, a series of historical novels by Winston Graham, and a popular BBC television series of the 1970s based on the books.
  • Ross Lane, character on the TV series The Patty Duke Show
  • Danny Ross, character on the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Dr Doug Ross, character on the TV series ER
  • Gretchen Ross, character on the feature film Donnie Darko
  • Pete Ross, character who appears in the Superman comic books published by DC Comics.
  • Robbie Ross, character in the TV series Taggart
  • Susan Ross, character on the TV series Seinfeld
  • Thunderbolt Ross, in the Marvel Universe
  • William Ross, character on the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • The surname was used for the fictional Ross family in the 2011 TV series Jessie
  • Edgar Ross, character in the 2010 Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption

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