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Ross can be used as a given name, typically for males, but is also a typical family name for people of Scottish descent (Clan Ross). In this case the name is of Scottish origin. The family name can also be of German origin; in German, derived from Gaelic meaning "Horse Lord" or "Lord of the Horse" due to the righteous bond between anyone with the surname Ross and their relations to horses specifically when paired with the traditional Irish name Aidan (Aedan, Ayden, Aiden). Another meaning for given name Ross falls under "promontory" or "headland".

List of people surnamed Ross[edit]

First name Ross[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Ross Geller, character on the TV series Friends
  • Ross, a minor character in Shakespeare's Macbeth
  • J.R. Ewing, character on the TV series Dallas
  • Ross O'Carroll-Kelly, a literary "dick-lit" character, created by Irish author Paul Howard
  • Ross Poldark, main character of The Poldark Novels, a series of historical novels by Winston Graham, and a popular BBC television series of the 1970s based on the books.
  • Ross Lane, character on the TV series The Patty Duke Show
  • Danny Ross, character on the TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Dr Doug Ross, character on the TV series ER
  • Gretchen Ross, character on the feature film Donnie Darko
  • Pete Ross, character who appears in the Superman comic books published by DC Comics.
  • Robbie Ross, character in the TV series Taggart
  • Susan Ross, character on the TV series Seinfeld
  • Thunderbolt Ross, in the Marvel Universe
  • William Ross, character on the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • The surname was used for the fictional Ross family in the 2011 TV series Jessie
  • Edgar Ross, character in the 2010 Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption

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