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Ross Beach (born 1973, New Orleans, LA) is a musician, songwriter and record producer living in Portland, Oregon. While attending college in Ruston, Louisiana in the early to mid-1980s, he was a frequent collaborator with a group of musicians who later became known as The Elephant 6 Recording Company, a collective which began an independent record label.

He is a board member and co-founder of the non-profit, Portland-only music festival PDX Pop Now!


  • Ross and the Hellpets: Optimism (2006, A Bouncing Space Recordings, ABS011 CD)
  • Ross Beach: Country (2005, A Bouncing Space Recordings, ABS010 CD)
  • Ross Beach: You Make It Look So Easy (2002, A Bouncing Space Records, CD, 40 min)
  • Ross and the Hellpets: Teddy Bears Gone Bad (2001, Hotstream/Chicken Ranch, CD-R, 25 min)
  • Ross Beach: Ride Theory (1999, Chicken Ranch Records, CD, 60 min)
  • Ross Beach: Tender Severity (1997, Chicken Ranch Records, cassette, 60 min)
  • Ross Beach: Utopian Love Songs (1996, limited release, cassette, 60 min)
  • Ross Beach: They Call Me "Buck" (1996, limited release, cassette EP, 18 min)
  • Ross Beach: Cheesequake (1995, limited release, cassette, 60 min)
  • Ross Beach: The Hand-Crafted Heart Sickness Calliope

As well, several recordings appear on compilations with other artists.


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