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Ross Ching
Born San Jose, California, U.S.
Occupation Film director, editor

Ross Ching is an American filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. For all his works thus far, he has been credited as director, cinematographer, and editor. He started as a teenager making skateboarding videos with his friends, which were considered slick for high school level productions. As he continued to impress, he kept adding to his repertoire, including creating viral videos that became sensations on the internet.[1]

A film school graduate from San Diego State, Ross works for a production house called A Common Thread in Los Angeles. He shoots music videos, commercials, shorts, and continues to evolve his audio-visual career.



Ching graduated from the San Diego State University. Afterward, he continued to independently produce and direct his own projects. One of his videos landed him in the Los Angeles Times, about how his works are rooted in the spirit of viral videos.[2] He also has worked with artists Death Cab For Cutie and Super Bowl Crash the Contest winner/YouTube sensation Kina Grannis, in which he directed her "Valentine" music video, garnering it 13 million views on YouTube.[3][4] The Death Cab video launched his career and garnered him representation with A Common Thread.[5] One of his biggest Internet videos recently[when?] is a video in which he made all the traffic in SF disappear. It's a time-lapse video of empty San Francisco freeways all day. His time lapse has garnered him major recognition on the internet and worldwide.[6][7][8][9] Ross' work has been featured on Popular Mechanic among various outlets.[10]

Ching wrapped production in September 2010 on a music video with producer Don Le called "Offbeat" with YouTube musician Clara Chung to create a video set in a world filled with bubbles.[11][12][13][14][15]

In 2010, Ching completed an action-oriented project with producers Don Le and George Wang, starring Harry Shum, Jr., Stephen "tWitch" Boss (winner of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance (season 4)), and Katrina Law (Spartacus: Blood and Sand, The Resistance). The project released January 10, 2011, and is being developed as a feature film after the rousing audience reaction on the web. "3 Minutes" has received nationwide coverage from the official Star Wars site,[16],[17] and Gizmodo,[18] as well as the New York Post,[19] Seventeen Magazine,[20] Audrey Magazine,[21][22][23] and Hyphen Magazine.[24] It also won the slot of Vimeo's Staff Pick of the Day on its debut day, netting well over 60,000 views on the site within the first 24 hours.[25] Currently, the short film has been viewed by well over 1,000,000 people on both YouTube and Vimeo.

2011 continued to showcase Ching's work as a director. Ching and producer Don Le followed up with a second music video, "The Camel Song". The video featured YouTube's highest subscribed personality, Nigahiga, as her love interest.[26][27] He also completed the music video for the tearjerker ballad "Without You", with artist AJ Rafael. The accompanying video, produced by Don Le and George Wang, so far has amassed well over 1 million views.[28] He also re-released "Running on Empty" and added new footage to it, redubbing it for the big "Carmageddon" event in Los Angeles that threatened to shut down the freeway system. The video subsequently generated over 500,000 views as to date, and was featured on The Huffington Post.[29] and Mashable.[30]

In 2012, Ching released a slew of music videos including directing duties on David Choi's "Missing Piece",[31] featuring Ellen Wong (Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.[32] He also directed back-to-back music videos reuniting him with viral musician Kina Grannis.[33] He also directed a short film entitled "Already Gone", with producers Don Le and Peter Katz, starring Shawn Ashmore (X-Men trilogy) and Harry Shum, Jr. The short made its world debut on[34] and featured on the front page of Mashable.[35] The objective is to eventually turn the project into a feature film. The short was one of the top finalists at the first ever Shot on RED Film Festival in 2012.[36] Capping off the year, He also directed a conspiracy thriller-comedic short called "PSY Wants To Kill Me"[37] starring YouTube giants KevJumba and David So.

Towards year's end, he directed a webseries for Ashton Kutcher's Thrash Lab called "Empty America". Kutcher was an Executive Producer on the project, and it generated well over 2 million views on its Youtube channel.[38][39][40] Ching followed up with another Kutcher-exec-produced project called "10 Epic Ways to Smash A Pumpkin" [41]


Year Film Role Notes
2009 "Little Bribes" music video, Death Cab for Cutie Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
2009 "My Girlfriend" music video, Uncle Kracker Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
2009 "Welcome All Again" music video, Collective Soul Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
2009 "Electricidad" music video, Jesse & Joy Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
2010 "Valentine" music video, Kina Grannis Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
2010 "Offbeat" music video, Clara Chung Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
2011 3 Minutes short film Director, Co-Writer, Story, Editor
2011 "The Camel Song" music video, Clara Chung Director, Writer, Editor
2011 "Without You" music video, AJ Rafael Director, Writer, Editor
2011 "Running on Empty" viral Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor
2012 "Empty America" webseries Director, Cinematographer, Editor
2012 "Missing Piece" music video, David Choi Director, Writer, Editor
2012 "Without Me" music video, Kina Grannis Director, Writer, Editor
2012 "Fish" music video, Clara Chung Co-Director
2012 PSY Wants To Kill Me KevJumba short film Director, Editor
2012 "Already Gone" short film Director, Editor


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