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Ross Fitzgerald, AM (born Melbourne 1944) is an Australian academic, historian, novelist, secularist, and political commentator.

Author of 36 books, in 2009 Professor Fitzgerald co-authored "Made in Queensland: A New History", published by University of Queensland Press and also "Under the Influence, a history of alcohol in Australia", published by ABC Books. In 2010 Professor Fitzgerald published "My Name is Ross: An Alcoholic's Journey" and "Alan ('The Red Fox') Reid", both published by New South Books. In 2011, he co-authored "Austen Tayshus:Merchant of Menace", published by Hale & Ironmonger, Sydney, and "Fools' Paradise: Life in an Altered State", published by Press On/Arcadia in Melbourne. In 2013, he was contributing coeditor of "Australia's Game", a book about Australian rules football.

In 2013 Professor Fitzgerald set about personally republishing some of his work as eBooks, with "My Name is Ross: An Alcoholic's Journey" ( which is also available as a Talking Book read by Ross himself), "Pushed from the Wings: An Entertainment", "Busy in the Fog : Further Adventures of Grafton Everest" and "Soaring". Soaring was awarded the Eros Foundation erotic novel of the year in 1994.[1]

Emeritus Professor of History and Politics at Brisbane's Griffith University, he was also the Queensland Chair of the Centenary of Federation. Fitzgerald currently writes a regular column for The Weekend Australian and also contributes to the Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph"and The Canberra Times. He appears on ABC Radio, ABC Television, SkyNews, and Channel 7.


MEMBER (AM) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA For significant service to education in the field of politics and history as an academic, and to community and public health organisations.

Currently Emeritus Professor, History and Politics, Griffith University, Queensland;

Personal Chair, 1996-2002; Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, 1987-1996; Lecturer, 1977-1986.
Ross Fitzgerald has published 36 books on history, philosophy, politics, alcohol and sport.

Current, Judge. Prime Minister's Literary Award for Non Fiction and Australian History.
Current, Member, Physiotherapy Council of New South Wales.
Member, Government Expert Advisory Group on Drugs and Alcohol, 2000-2013.
Member, New South Wales Heritage Council, 2003-2009.
Member, New South Wales State Parole Authority, 2002-2012.
Member, New South Wales Administration Decisions Tribunal, 2002-2012.
Member, Queensland Parole Board, 1997-2002.
Chair, Centenary of Federation Queensland, 1999-2002.

Awards/recognition include Centenary Medal, 2001.

During his time as Chair, Centenary of Federation Queensland, 1999–2002, he was actively involved in sourcing and overseeing a budget of $22 million and in co-ordinating all the celebrations and activities throughout the 12 regions of Queensland for the centenary of Australia's Federation in 2001.

Professor Fitzgerald has a PhD from the University of New South Wales in Political Theory.


He has published 36 books. Prof. Fitzgerald's most recent books are "Australia's Game", "Austen Tayshus: Merchant of Menace", "Fools' Paradise: Life in an Altered State", "My Name is Ross:An Alcoholic's Journey" and "Alan ('The Red Fox') Reid", the latter published in 2010 by New South Books, "Made in Queensland: A New History", published by University of Queensland Press and "Under the Influence, a history of alcohol in Australia", published by ABC Books, The Pope's Battalions: Santamaria, Catholicism and the Labor Split and Growing Old (Dis) Gracefully: 35 Australians Reflect on Life over 50. Other non-fiction works include The Federation Mirror: Queensland 1901–2001; Seven Days to Remember: The World's First Labor Government; Fred Paterson, The People's Champion – Australia's Only Communist Party Member of Parliament and Red Ted: The Life of E.G. Theodore, which was short-listed for the NSW Premier's Prize and for the National Biography Award.

He co-authored Labor in Queensland; edited three best-selling collections, The Greatest Game: Writings on Australian Football, The Eleven Deadly Sins and The Eleven Saving Virtues. He has written two books about Australian Football including The Footy Club and five works of fiction: Pushed from the Wings: An Entertainment; All About Anthrax; Busy in the Fog: Further Adventures of Grafton Everest; Fools' Paradise: Life in an Altered State ; and Soaring.

TV Documentaries[edit]

During his time as an Australian Research Council Senior Research Fellow from 1992 to 1996, Ross co-produced and was historical advisor for two highly praised historical documentaries: The Legend of Fred Paterson, ABC TV documentary, with Jonathan Dawson and Pat Laughren, ABC TV, April 1996, and Red Ted and the Great Depression, ABC TV documentary, with Pat Laughren, ABC TV, August 1995.

Film work[edit]

He co-produced and edited the script for The Test an Indian-Australian feature film being produced with Jim McElroy at Fox Studios Sydney. He is also co-producer, with Peter Cherry, of Ho & Me (a movie about Wilfred Burchett and Ho Chi Minh) and, with Ian McFadyan, Kerensky and Nelle (a movie about Alexander Kerensky and Nell Tritton). Professor Fitzgerald is currently researching A Nation Under the Influence, a written and visual history of alcohol in Australia, and Stories from the Great Labor Split of the 1950s.

Personal life[edit]

He lives in Redfern, Sydney with his wife, Lyndal Moor, and their daughter Emerald who is 31.

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