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Ross Jordan
RJ Singh.jpg
RJ Singh in May 2010
Birth name Ross Jones
Born 1981
Hertford, England
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) RJ Singh
Ross Jordan
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Billed weight 170 lb (77 kg)
Trained by Alex Shane
Debut 2001

Ross Jones is an Indian-English professional wrestler, better known by his ring names RJ Singh and Ross Jordan. He is best known for his work with International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (IPW:UK) and Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA), where he competed in the flyweight division.

Professional wrestling career[edit]

Jones came through the FWA Academy (FWA:A) where he was originally trained from the start of 2001, then onto FWA London, before making his debut in November of the same year in a match against Hade Vansen. It took several months following Ross Jordan's debut for him to return to the ring, starting 2002 fresh with a number of events for the FWA:A, as well as All Star Promotions.

In the summer of 2002, Ross Jordan made his debut for Phoenix Promotions, competing on various holiday camp events. It was there that the original feud between Ross Jordan and Stixx began, with several one-on-one contests taking place, and even tag team contests which saw both wrestlers on the same team.

December 2002 saw the debut event put on by the United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance entitled "Skoolz Out". At this event, Ross Jordan wrestled Stixx again, but lost in what was proving to be an even series of matches.

The following months saw Ross Jordan wrestle for Phoenix Promotions, FWA:A, UKWA, and a host of other independent promotions in the United Kingdom frequently meeting with Stixx in single and tag team contests. In July 2004, Stixx defeated Ross Jordan on a Main Event Wrestling event.

22 March 2003 saw the first, of what has turned out to be many, appearances for Revolution British Wrestling (RBW). In 2003, Ross Jordan would wrestle as a heel in RBW, and along with tag team partner Stixx, who would cement RBW's working relationship with United Kingdom Wrestling Alliance on a joint show in Runcorn, Cheshire on 3 August, when they defeated the UKWA team of Domino and "Rage" Andy Baker for their tag titles. Jordan would bring his first taste of gold back to be costested for under the RBW banner.

The team, which would be known as the Southern Alliance would later bring in a third member, J.C Thunder, to defend the titles with if one could not compete. On 7 December 2003, Jordan, now nicknamed "The Gift", would defeat Spud in a Maximum Falls contest to win his first singles title the RBW British Welterweight Championship, making Jordan the only person in RBW history to hold two titles simultaneously.

However, Jordan would relinquish his hold on both these RBW titles, first passing over the tag team championship to another Southern Alliance teammate; Chris Wyld, before then losing the Welterweight title to Sammy Ray on 27 March 2004. Jordan would regain the title by defeating Ray a few months later on 24 July; with a little help from guest referee Phil Powers. Jordan would hold the title until losing it to Kid Regison on 5 February 2005, just before RBW closed later that year.

During that time Jordan would continue to work for the FWA, and was brought up into the main roster in mid-2004 under the nickname "Little Dragon". The new babyface Ross Jordan would be used mainly as a jobber during his early FWA career, making one notable appearance with Raj Ghosh as Double Dragon in a handicap match against the much larger opponent Paul Burchill at Frontiers of Honor. However, during the start of 2005, FWA would begin showcasing their flyweight division, and later that year Jordan would be entered into a tournament to crown a Flyweight Champion for promotion.

On 30 July the tournament final saw Ross Jordan (once again a heel) defeat Spud, to become the first FWA Flyweight Champion. However, Ross Jordan was only awarded the match after the referee stopped the contest due to an injury to Spud's leg. The feud continued between Jordan and Spud, culminating in a ladder match at FWA New Frontiers in which Jordan was victorious. Jordan would hold the title for several months until FWA Crunch on 2 April 2006, when Pac defeated Jordan during a three way match which included Stevie Lynn to become champion.

After losing the title Jordan return to feuding with Spud in FWA for over 14-months with Jordan repeatedly attacking Spud in attempts to re-injure Spud's leg. The feud finally culminated in a Last Man Standing match at FWA Last Fight at the Prom on 30 September 2006.

At this time, Jordan would continue to wrestle on the independent circuit along with Chis Wyld as the Southern Alliance. During one independent show for DSW in the Netherlands, Jordan would be forced to team up with Danny Hope as the New Southern Alliance as Wyld was on holiday in Greece. Jordan would also compete in SAS Wrestling; where he developed a Religious/cult-like gimmick claiming to have found "wrestling enlightenment." Later, Ashton Brown would be recruited as part of Jordan's Brotherhood. This would last until mid-2007 when Brown turned on Jordan excommunicating him from The Brotherhood and assuming leadership.

During FWA's feud with fellow promotion IPW:UK, Ross Jordan regained the Flyweight Championship after he defeated IPW:UK star Pac on the neutral ground of FWA official Dan Read's X-Sports Wrestling event in Colchester on 10 December 2006. During the final weeks of 2006, Ross would travel to Bombay, India where he would feature in a non-speaking role for the Bollywood movie "Happy Birthday".

At the start of 2007 Jordan would once again reinvent his gimmick, debuting in RQW as 'The Bombay Dream.' This new gimmick would see him claiming to be the world's greatest Bollywood star. He made an immediate impact defeating Jonny Storm and El Generico in a 3 way contest.

Meanwhile, in XWA Jordan began feuding with El Ligero. A series of matches culminated in Jordan losing the British Flyweight Title to El Ligero in a Mexican Streetfight at XWA's event Last Fight at the Prom.

In 2008 Ross Jordan changed his ring name to RJ Singh and became a regular in LDN Wrestling.

As RJ Singh, Jones entered the re-launched FWA in summer 2009. He quickly became involved in a feud with El Ligero, apparently based on his jealousy of the Mexican luchador's popularity with fans. The rivalry escalated in November, when Singh and his entourage attacked El Ligero and used a saw to remove the distinctive horns from his mask. Both RJ Singh and El Ligero then entered the round robin tournament to crown a new FWA Flyweight Champion.

Singh wrestled in a tag team with 'Dazzling' Darrell Allen as The Bhangra Knights.

In 2012 Singh began appearing for London-based PROGRESS Wrestling. He retired after he lost a Career vs. Career match against Stixx at the PROGRESS Wrestling show 'Chapter Sixteen: Very Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishiii'.

During 2015 Singh remained involved in wrestling, but in non wrestling roles. Most notably in PROGRESS Wrestling as a commentator alongside Glen Joseph, and in 4FW as the manager for Tiger Ali, along with Rishi Ghosh.

In February 2016 Singh made a return to the ring at Future Pro Wrestling's Reloaded Rumble event. He would go on to capture the FPW championship for a second time in May of that year. Since then he has returned as a regular on the British wrestling scene.

In wrestling[edit]

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

  • Norton British Wrestling
  • NBW Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
  • NBW Tag team Championship (1 time) - with Stixx
  • UK Fan Forum
  • UKFF voted Jordan #19 in the top 50 British professional wrestlers in 2007


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