Rossauer Barracks

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The Rossauer Barracks as seen from the other side of the Donaukanal.

The Rossauer Barracks (in German, Rossauer Kaserne [1] is a barracks in the 9th district of Vienna, in the Rossau quarter of the city. It now houses the Ministry of National Defence and Sport.


It was built as the Crown Prince Rudolf Barracks (Kronprinz-Rudolf-Kaserne, named after Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria), at the same time as the Franz-Joseph-Kaserne and Arsenal, as part of an overall approach to protect the city against the proletariat after the 1848 Revolution.


  1. ^ Officially spelled Roßauer until 1999.

Coordinates: 48°13′07″N 16°22′06″E / 48.21861°N 16.36833°E / 48.21861; 16.36833