Rosse (crater)

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Rosse crater 4072 h2.jpg
Coordinates 17°54′S 35°00′E / 17.9°S 35.0°E / -17.9; 35.0Coordinates: 17°54′S 35°00′E / 17.9°S 35.0°E / -17.9; 35.0
Diameter 12 km
Depth 2.4 km
Colongitude 326° at sunrise
Eponym Lord Rosse
Oblique view from Apollo 11
Oblique view from Apollo 16

Rosse is a bowl-shaped lunar impact crater located in the southern part of Mare Nectaris. To the southwest is the large, flooded crater Fracastorius, other nearby prominent craters are a little distant including Beaumont to the west, Bohnenberger nearly to the east along with Montes Pyrenaeus (Lunar Pyrenes) and further north Daguerre.

The interior of the crater has a higher albedo than the surrounding lunar mare, making it readily visible. While it lacks a ray system of its own, rays from distant Tycho cross it. Low ridges in the mare lie between this crater and Fracastorius to the southwest.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Rosse.

Rosse Latitude Longitude Diameter
C 18.5° S 34.4° E 5 km