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Rosso logo.png
Rossendale Transport bus 211 (PO59 MLK) 2010 Volvo B7RLE Wrightbus Eclipse 2, Haslingden, 4 May 2011.jpg
Wright Eclipse 2 bodied Volvo B7RLE in Haslingden in May 2011
Parent Transdev Blazefield
Founded 1907
Headquarters Harrogate
Service area Greater Manchester
West Yorkshire
Service type Bus services
Fleet 109 (May 2014)
Chief executive Alex Hornby

Rosso is the trading name of Rossendale Transport[1], a bus operator providing services in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire. It became a subsidiary of Transdev Blazefield on 12 January 2018, after Rossendale Borough Council members agreed to a sale to them at a meeting on 20 December 2017[2].


Optare Solo in Bury in June 2008
East Lancs Spryte bodied Dennis Dart SLF in Rawtenstall in September 2008

Rosso can trace its history back to 1907 when both Rawtenstall and Haslingden Corporations (both independently) ran a motor bus within their boroughs. Both undertakings merged in 1968 to form Rossendale Joint Transport Committee and later in 1974 with the local government reorganisation the boroughs were merged, along with Bacup (which was already served by Rossendale buses; Bacup Borough not having its own bus company) and Whitworth to form the present Borough of Rossendale.

To comply with the Transport Act 1985, in 1986 the assets were transferred to a new legal entity.[1]

It expanded over the following 20 years and now operates buses throughout Rossendale, Bury and Rochdale as well as operating into Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton and Todmorden.

Concerns were raised in 2009 about the council's intentions with regards to its continued ownership of the company,[3] culminating in a public protest outside the town hall to dissuade the council from selling.[4] In July 2009 the council announced that it was retaining its ownership of the company, its valuation not having been met by potentially interested parties.[5]

In August 2013, the Rossendale Transport bus network was rebranded (with a new livery design of red, orange, yellow and white) as Rosso.[6] In December 2017, Rosso was sold by the Rossendale Borough Council to Transdev Blazefield.[7][8]


Rosso operates services within the Borough of Rossendale (including the towns of Rawtenstall, Bacup, Whitworth and Haslingden) and into surrounding areas, including Rochdale, Bury, Burnley, Accrington, Blackburn and Todmorden. In recent times, it has also extended operations into Middleton and Oldham. The network of services is branded as Rosso with vehicles and publicity carrying this name.[9]


Rosso's main depot and office facilities were in Haslingden, which replaced the previous Bacup Road depot in Rawtenstall in September 2008.[10]

The company also operates from a depot on Corporation Road, Rochdale which was established in September 1990 to support new routes introduced in the town following bus deregulation.[11] The site is on the western outskirts of the town centre, located next to the River Roch. Around 40 vehicles are based there.

Shortly after the acquisition by Transdev Blazefield the Haslingden depot was closed, as this was not part of the sale agreement. Its buses were transferred to Transdev's depots at Queensgate, Burnley and Intack, Blackburn.

Rosso's current fleet consists of 109 buses.



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