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Rossiya or Rossija (the Romanization of the word Россия) may refer to:

  • Russia, the Russian Federation
  • Rossiya (icebreaker), a Russian nuclear-powered Arktika class icebreaker
  • Rossiya or Rossia an Imperial Russian cruiser launched in 1896.
  • Rossiya Airlines, owned by the Russian government and based in Saint Petersburg
  • Rossija (train), a passenger train service Moscow-Vladivostok through the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Rossiya Bank (Russia Bank), a Russian joint stock bank based in St. Petersburg
  • Rossiya Hotel (Russia Hotel) in Moscow, demolished 2006-2007
  • Rossiya 1 (Russia 1, previously RTR), a Russian TV channel
  • Rossiya 2 (Russia 2, previously Sport TV), a Russian TV channel

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