Rostislav Vsevolodovich

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Rostislav Vsevolodovich
Prince of Pereyaslavl
Reign 1088–1093
Successor Vladimir II Monomakh
House Riurik Dynasty
Father Vsevolod Yaroslavich
Mother Cuman Princess
Born ?1070
Died May 26, 1093

Rostislav Vsevolodovich (Russian: Ростислав Всеволодович) (1070–1093) was the Prince of Pereyaslavl (1078–1093), son of Vsevolod I of Kiev, and half brother of Vladimir Monomakh. He fought at Stugna river against the Cumans and drowned while fleeing the battle.[1]


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Rostislav Vsevolodovich
Born: 1070 Died: 1093
Regnal titles
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Yaropolk Izyaslavich
2nd in line to Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by
Vladimir Monomakh