Rostov Arena

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Rostov Arena
RND-Rostov Arena-09.2016.JPG
September 2016
Location Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Coordinates 47°12′34″N 39°44′16″E / 47.20944°N 39.73778°E / 47.20944; 39.73778Coordinates: 47°12′34″N 39°44′16″E / 47.20944°N 39.73778°E / 47.20944; 39.73778
Capacity 45,000 (planned)
Surface Grass
Broke ground 2014
Built 2017 (planned)
Architect Populous
FC Rostov
2018 FIFA World Cup

Rostov Arena[1][2] is a association football stadium in Rostov-on-Don, Russia which is under construction. It is one of the venues for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It will also host FC Rostov of the Russian Premier League, replacing Olimp – 2. It will have a capacity of 45,000 spectators.[3]


In June 2013, during the groundbreaking for the stadium, five shells from WWII were found, almost perfectly preserved.

In August 2013, work began on the sandy alluvium foundation for the stadium. Work on the foundation was completed in May 2014. Construction commenced on the stadium substructure in October 2015. In December the construction site began to bring in heavy equipment and construction materials. In January 2015, crews began driving piles.

In March 2015, the stadium project was revised, reducing the cost of construction to 3 billion rubles. In the summer of 2015 pile driving was completed and superstructure construction began.

In December 2015, work began on the installation of the metal roof frame. In July 2016 work on the concrete stadium bowl began. In addition, builders started construction of the facade and began landscaping the adjacent territory to the stadium. In November 2016 the reinforced concrete work of the stadium main bowl was fully completed and the installation of load bearing roof structures began.


In 2011, the final design for the new stadium was presented by Populous. The irregular shape of both the roof and stands are distinctive features. Part of the seating is to be temporary, for the 2018 World Cup. After the tournament capacity may be decreased to 42,000. As the main architect for Rostov Region confirmed,[4] this stadium is to be the start of a new city centre. It will be the first large project built on the southern bank of the Don River, with the rest of the city lying north. With shopping and dining destinations, the stadium will serve as a focal point for investments and new developments.

2018 FIFA World Cup[edit]

Date Time Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
June 17, 2018 E1 E2 Group E
June 20, 2018 A4 A2 Group A
June 23, 2018 F4 F2 Group F
June 26, 2018 D2 D3 Group D
July 2, 2018 Winner Group G Runner-up Group H Round of 16


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