Rotana Records

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Rotana Records
Rotana Logo Latin.jpg
Parent companyRotana Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group
FounderNagro Brothers
GenreArabic Music
LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia

Rotana Records (Arabic: تسجيلات روتانا, romanizedTasjīlāt Rūtānā) is the Arab world's largest record label.[1][failed verification] It is owned by the Rotana Group, established by the Nagro Brothers, Mohammed, Khalid, Waleed, Ahmed and Nezar Nagro later sold to the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal,[2] who sometimes personally signs artists to the label.[citation needed] Rotana Records is part of a media empire that includes a film production company, a magazine of the same name, a record label, and seven music channels. More than 100 artists are signed to Rotana.[3]

During the 1990s and 2000s, the label was distributed by EMI Arabia. In February 2021, Warner Music Group purchased a minority stake in Rotana.[4]

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