Rotary Smith Award

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Rotary Smith Award
Given forMost outstanding college baseball player of the year
CountryUnited States
Presented byGreater Houston Sports Association (1988–2004)
Rotary Club of Houston (1996–2004)
First award1988
Final award2003

The Rotary Smith Award was created in 1988 to honor the most outstanding college baseball player of the year. The award was founded by the Greater Houston Sports Association. In 1996, the Rotary Club of Houston joined the award committee. Prior to the 2004 season, the award was succeeded by the Roger Clemens Award, honoring the most outstanding college baseball pitcher.


Year Links to the article about the corresponding baseball year
Player Name of the player
Position The player's position at the time he won the award
College The player's college when he won the award
Italics Denotes player was the first overall MLB draft pick in the same year
dagger Member of the National College Baseball Hall of Fame
footnote Player is active
Rotary Smith Award winners
Year Player Position College
1988 Andy Benes Pitcher Evansville
1989 Ben McDonalddagger Pitcher LSU
1990 Mike Kelly Outfielder Arizona State
1991 Bobby Jones Pitcher Fresno State
1992 Mike Smith Outfielder Indiana
1993 Darren Dreifortdagger Pitcher Wichita State
1994 Jason Varitek Catcher Georgia Tech
1995 Mark Kotsay Outfielder Cal State Fullerton
1996 Kris Benson Pitcher Clemson
1997 Tim Hudson Pitcher/Outfielder Auburn
1998 Brad Wilkersondagger Pitcher/Outfielder Florida
1999 Jason Jennings Pitcher/Designated Hitter Baylor
2000 Kip Bouknight Pitcher South Carolina
2001 Mark Prior Pitcher Southern California
2002 Khalil Greene Shortstop Clemson
2003 Rickie Weeksdouble-dagger Second baseman Southern University

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