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Rotation Curation, also #RotationCuration, is the concept of rotating the spokesperson on a broad scoped social media account. Such a scope can be a location, a country, an organization, a group, and so on. The concept is prominent on Twitter, but has also been ported to Instagram.


The concept originated December 10, 2011, when Svenska Institutet and VisitSweden launched Curators of Sweden.[1] The project hands the official Twitter account @Sweden to a new Swedish person every week to manage, with the expressed goal to manifest Swedish diversity and progressiveness through their own personality.

The original idea has been reported on in mass media around the world[2][3][4][5][6] and inspired the launch of many similar projects. The Twitter account @PeopleofLeeds started January 15, 2012, where citizens of Leeds represent their hometown. January 18, 2012, @WeAreAustralia and @TweetWeekUSA, followed by @CuratorsMexico and @BasquesAbroad January 21. On April 12 the people of The Netherlands got their account, known as @Netherlanders. All of these are unofficial accounts without governmental influence or sanctions, as well as the actual foundation for the concept of Rotation Curation, which is to let official and unofficial projects, countries, cities, companies, cultural, and, or other types of groups to rotate their spokespersons, curators, every week.[7][8]

Initially most of these projects all had a location in common, which saw the creation of the concept Location Curation, with the hashtag #LocationCuration. When the idea spread to organisations unbound by location the expression was abandoned. Because of their common concept of rotating the holder of the account, people on Twitter decided to use the expression #RotationCuration, which was coined by the user @auldzealand March 22, 2012.

Although it was said above that the concept originated December 10, 2011, it is worth mentioning that something was probably started already in April 2011: "Travelling without Moving" for the Twitter account named @Trawom. The intention of this project is that this Twitter account is supposed to travel the world by being handed over from person to person. On April 18, 2011, Twitter user @Pausanias wrote on his blog:

I have just created a Twitter Account named @Trawom, which is a silly acronym for "Travelling without Moving" (which again I pinched from Jamiroquai’s album title).

The idea is to use this twitter account @Trawom myself for a while and then hand it over to someone else, asking her/him to do the same. The interesting thing will be to follow @Trawom with my genuine account @Pausanias and see where it goes.

I have no idea if it will ever get across the city limits of Bonn, but it’s worth a try.

Connected to the twitter account I also created a corresponding googlemail account, which I also plan to hand over to the next "owner" of @Trawom. Of course I will track the latest changes and hand overs of the account here in my blog.

So the first one who migrated the principle of Rotation Curation to Twitter was Maxim Loick, a.k.a @Pausanias.

List of Rotation Curation projects[edit]

All statuses as of March 15, 2015.

Countries and Regions

Country/Region Handle Website Status
Antarctica @I_am_Antartica Inactive
Australia @WeAreAustralia We Are Australia Active
Austria @WeareAustria We Are Austria Inactive
Canada @PeopleofCanada @PEOPLEOFCANADA Active
Catalonia @CatalanVoices Catalan Voices Active
China @curatorchina Inactive
Cyprus @JustACypriot Just A Cypriot Inactive
Czech Republic @WeAreCzech We Are Czech Inactive
Denmark @DenmarkTweets Inactive
Europe @i_am_europe I Am Europe Active
Egypt @Twit_Egypt Curators of Egypt Inactive
Fiji @WeAreFiji Inactive
France @weareFrance Curators of France Active
Germany @I_amGermany @I_amGermany Active
India @WeAreHindustan WeAreHindustan Active
Indonesia @weRIndonesian We aRe Indonesian Active
Iraq @WeareIraqi (Official account) We Are Iraqi Active
Ireland @Ireland Active
Italy @I_am_Italy I Am Italy Inactive
Japan @We_Japan We Japan Active
Malaysia @twt_malaysia Project TwitterJaya Active
Mexico @CuratorsMexico Curators of Mexico Active
Netherlands @Netherlanders[9] Netherlanders Active
New Zealand @PeopleOfNZ People of New Zealand Active
Nigeria @wearenaija We Are Naija Inactive
Pakistan @iam_pakistan I Am Pakistan Active
Philippines @WeAreFilipinos Inactive
Russia @We_R_Russia Inactive
Scotland @ScotVoices @ScotVoices Inactive
Singapore @hellofrmSG @hellofrmsg Active
South Africa @CurateZAR @curateZAR Active
Sudan @Sudan_Voices Active
Sweden @sweden[10] (Official account) Curators of Sweden Active
Syria @TweetWeekSyria Tweet Week Syria Inactive
Thailand @Thailander Inactive
UK @PeopleofUK People of UK Active
Ukraine @WeAreUkraine Active
United Arab Emirates @weareUAE Active
USA @TweetWeekUSA Inactive

States, cities, counties and neighborhoods

Country/Region Area Handle Website Status
Australia Adelaide @WeAreADL We Are ADL Active
Brisbane @WeAreBrisbane We Are Brisbane Active
Melbourne @WeMelbourne We Melbourne Inactive
Sydney @WeAreSydney Active
Canada Calgary @PeopleofYYC
Kitchener-Waterloo @PeopleofKW
London, Ontario @PeopleofLdnOnt
Ottawa @PeopleinOttawa Inactive
Toronto @TWkTO Inactive
Ethiopia Addis Ababa @WeareADDIS
England Bristol @Bristol52
Cheltenham @Chelt52
Hessle @HessleTweets Inactive
Isle of Wight @UKIsleofWight Inactive
Leeds @PeopleofLeeds
London @londonisyours
Manchester @WeAreManc
Northumberland @VisitNland (Official account)
Yorkshire @PeopleofYorks
Germany Aachen @wirlebenAC
Baden-Württemberg @ichbinBW
Bremen @Iam_Bremen
Dresden @WeAreDresden Inactive
Franken @Frankenliebe Inactive
Frankfurt @WeAreFFM Inactive
Hamburg @WeareHH Inactive
Ingolstadt @Mein_Ingolstadt
Munich @MunichLovesU Inactive
Wuppertal @WeareWuppertal
India Bangalore @WeAreBangalore[11][12][13][14]
Hyderabad @WeAreHyderabad
Gujarat @We_Are_Gujarat
Mumbai @WeAreMumbai
New Delhi @WeAreNewDelhi
Pune @PuneTweeple
Rajasthan @WeAreRajasthan
Trivandrum @WeAreTrivandrum
Ireland Limerick @PeopleofLIMK
Malaysia Johor @TwtJohor
Kedah @twt_kedah
Kelantan @twt_kelantan
Kuala Lumpur @WeAreKL
Malacca @twt_melaka
Negri Sembilan @twt_n9
Pahang @twt_pahang
Sarawak @sarawak_twt
Terengganu @twt_terengganu
Philippines Manila @TweetWeekManila Inactive
Negros Island @IamNegrense Inactive
Portugal Madeira @Madeira
Scotland Edinburgh @LoveEdinburgh Love Edinburgh
USA New Orleans, Louisiana @BeingNOLA
Minnesota @TweetWeekMN Inactive
New York City @TweetWeekNYC Inactive
Portland, Oregon @PeopleofPDX Inactive
Austin, Texas @BeingAustin
Dallas, Texas @Being_Dallas
Houston, Texas @BeingHouston
Vermont @THISISVT[15] (Official account)
Fairfax County, Virginia @ffxrider Inactive

Cultural and ethnic groups

Companies, organisations and events



  • Former #RoCur curators of other accounts, now gone "pro" - @RoCurPro2x (Inactive) (account shared by two curators per week who have curated other #RoCur #RoCur projects)
  • Students - @StudentsRoCur (Deactivated 28/07/2013)

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