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Rotenboden railway station.JPG
Location Zermatt, Valais
Coordinates 45°59′04″N 07°45′55″E / 45.98444°N 7.76528°E / 45.98444; 7.76528Coordinates: 45°59′04″N 07°45′55″E / 45.98444°N 7.76528°E / 45.98444; 7.76528
Elevation 2,815 m (9,236 ft)
Line(s) Gornergrat railway
Opened 20 August 1898
Preceding station   Swiss rail network   Following station
Riffelberg   Gornergrat railway   Gornergrat
Rotenboden is located in Switzerland
Location within Switzerland

Rotenboden is a railway station on the Gornergrat railway, a rack railway which links the resort of Zermatt with the summit of the Gornergrat. The station is situated west of the Gornergrat, in the Swiss municipality of Zermatt and canton of Valais. At an altitude of 2,815 m (9,236 ft) above mean sea level, it is the second highest open-air railway station in Europe, after the Gornergrat railway station, on the same line.[1][2][3]

From the railway station a trail leads to the Monte Rosa Hut, across the Gorner Glacier.[4]

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