Rotherham Power Station

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Prince of Wales Power Station
Official nameRotherham Power Station
LocationSouth Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber
Coordinates53°26′08″N 1°21′26″W / 53.435650°N 1.357222°W / 53.435650; -1.357222Coordinates: 53°26′08″N 1°21′26″W / 53.435650°N 1.357222°W / 53.435650; -1.357222
Commission date1923
Decommission date1978
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal

grid reference SK428934

Rotherham power station (also known as Prince of Wales Power Station) was a coal-fired power station sited close to the centre of Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

The power station was officially opened by the Prince of Wales on 28 May 1923, when he started the station's BTH 30 MW turbo-alternator. The station remained operational until 30 October 1978. It had a generating capacity of 56 MW.[1]


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