Rotherham Town F.C. (1899)

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Rotherham Town
Full nameRotherham Town Football Club

Rotherham Town F.C. was an English football club from Rotherham, Yorkshire. They merged with rivals Rotherham County in 1925 to form Rotherham United.


In 1899, Rotherham Casuals and Rotherham Grammar School combined to form Rotherham F.C.[1] On becoming a limited company in 1904 a new name of Rotherham Athletic was adopted, and a year later they changed their name again, to Rotherham Town (which had been the name of a former Football League club from the town).

In 1903 the new club joined the Midland League,[2] where they remained until 1925, when they merged with their Third Division North neighbours Rotherham County to form Rotherham United.

Notable former players[edit]

League and cup history[edit]

Rotherham Town League and Cup history[3][4][5][6]
Season Division Position FA Cup
1899–1900 Sheffield Association League Division 2 1st/9 -
1900–01 Sheffield Association League 6th/15 Preliminary Round
1901–02 Sheffield Association League 5th/13 Preliminary Round
1902–03 Sheffield Association League 1st/9 4th Qualifying Round
1903–04 Midland League 3rd/11 -
1904–05 Midland League 6th/17 Extra Preliminary Round
1905–06 Midland League 4th/18 3rd Qualifying Round
1906–07 Midland League 4th/20 3rd Qualifying Round
1907–08 Midland League 3rd/20 1st Round
1908–09 Midland League 2nd/20 5th Qualifying Round
1909–10 Midland League 17th/22 5th Qualifying Round
1910–11 Midland League 16th/20 5th Qualifying Round
1911–12 Midland League 2nd/19 3rd Qualifying Round
1912–13 Midland League 11th/20 3rd Qualifying Round
1913–14 Midland League 8th/18 Preliminary Round
1914–15 Midland League 9th/20 4th Qualifying Round
1919–20 Midland League 7th/18 5th Qualifying Round
1920–21 Midland League 5th/20 1st Qualifying Round
1921–22 Midland League 11th/22 Extra Preliminary Round
1922–23 Midland League 21st/22 4th Qualifying Round
1923–24 Midland League 22nd/22 4th Qualifying Round
1924–25 Midland League 12th/15 2nd Qualifying Round




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