Roti sai mai

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Roti sai mai
Roti sai mai 2.jpg
Roti sai mai on a plate in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Place of originThailand
Region or stateSoutheast Asia

Roti sai mai (Thai: โรตีสายไหม, pronounced [rōːtīː sǎːj mǎj]; "sai mai" literally means "silk rope")[1] is known as Ayutthaya's cotton candy is a Southeast Asian dessert from Thailand. It is adapted roti from the Indian subcontinent to make this dessert by wrapping floss or cotton candy in sweet roti. Roti sai mai is available at street stalls in Thailand, frequently sold by Muslim vendors.[2]

A street vendor making roti sai mai in Uttaradit, Thailand


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