Roto Visage

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Roto Visage
Origin USA
Genres Dark Ambient, Experimental Music
Years active 1990s, 2000s
Labels Autumn Wind Productions, Kikapu Net.Label, Beast of Prey, Thonar Records, No Angels Prod., Bone Structure, Hypermodern, Kaos Ex Machina, Far From Showbiz, Creative Fields, Old Europa Cafe
Members Jason Popejoy

Roto Visage produces dark, ambient, electronic music that can be minimalist, deep, and often both at the same time. Roto Visage originally distributed his music through various net labels, where it could be downloaded for free but has since expanded into releasing on various forms of media.


  • Der Golem
  • The Girl With Lost
  • Gehirnwäschebund
  • La Muse Cachée
  • Syndrom Cotarda (split w/ Atum)
  • Belial: Demon of Lust
  • Epidemic Animals (collaboration w/ Kenji Siratori)
  • Solange
  • Everything Is Brown (collaboration w/ Jugular Notch)
  • Tectonic Cargo (split w/ Mystified)
  • Celestial Malaise (split w/ Worms of the Earth)
  • Where the Mandrakes Grow
  • La coquille et le clergyman
  • Out of Print

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