Rotokawa Power Station

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Rotokawa Power Station
Rotokawa Power Station is located in New Zealand
Rotokawa Power Station
Location of Rotokawa Power Station in New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Location Waikato
Coordinates 38°36′43″S 176°11′35″E / 38.61194°S 176.19306°E / -38.61194; 176.19306Coordinates: 38°36′43″S 176°11′35″E / 38.61194°S 176.19306°E / -38.61194; 176.19306
Status Operational
Commission date 1997, 2002
Owner(s) Mercury Energy
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 34 MW

The Rotokawa Power Station is a geothermal power station owned and operated by Mercury Energy. It is located approximately 10 km north east of Taupo in New Zealand. The station uses a binary cycle manufactured by Ormat Industries.

In May 2008, work began on the nearby Nga Awa Purua Power Station.[1]

Environmental aspects[edit]

Due to the high temperatures associated with the geothermal vent here, this locale is an occurrence of extremophile micro-organisms that can thrive on the high vent water temperature.[2]

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