Rotores de Portugal

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Rotores de Portugal
Rotores de Portugal-AirExpo2009.JPG
The three Alouette III of the Rotores de Portugal
ActiveApril, 1976 to the Present
CountryFlag of Portugal.svg Portugal
BranchRoundel of Portugal.svg Portuguese Air Force
TypeAerobatic team
RoleHelicopter flight demonstration
Size5 Officers
6 Enlisted
Part ofSquadron 552
BaseNo 11 Air Base, Beja, Portugal
Aircraft flown
HelicopterAérospatiale Alouette III

The Rotores de Portugal (Portuguese for "Rotors of Portugal") is a helicopter flight demonstration team created in 1976, operated by Esquadra 552 (Squadron 552) of the Portuguese Air Force, based in No 11 Air Base, Beja. They are the national helicopter display team of Portugal and use three Sud Aviation Alouette III.

In 1976, the aerobatic team Rotores de Portugal was created by order of the Air Force Chief of Staff (CEMFA) to represent the Portuguese Air Force in several festivals all over the country. The team operated for 18 years while integrated with the 102 Squadron Panchos, and flew a total of 41 demonstrations.

On the fifty-third anniversary of the Air Force, in 2005, the Rotores de Portugal were reactivated and integrated with the 552 Squadron, based at Beja Air Base.


Rotores e Toralla 2007.jpg
Aircraft Origin Squadron Display Aircraft Dates
Sud Aviation Alouette III France Squadron 33 4 1976–1980
Squadron 102 2 1982–1992
Squadron 111 4 1993–1994
Squadron 552 2 2004–2005
Squadron 552 3 2006—present

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