Rotorua Girls' High School

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Rotorua Girls' High School
Rotorua Girls' High School.jpg
251 Old Taupo Road
Rotorua 3015
New Zealand
Coordinates 38°08′52″S 176°14′15″E / 38.1479°S 176.2374°E / -38.1479; 176.2374Coordinates: 38°08′52″S 176°14′15″E / 38.1479°S 176.2374°E / -38.1479; 176.2374
Type State Single sex girls secondary (Year 9-13)
Motto Empowering Young Women
Established 1959
Ministry of Education Institution no. 153
Principal Ally Gibbons
School roll 602[1] (February 2017)
Socio-economic decile 3G[2]

Rotorua Girls' High School is a state school educating girls from Year 9 to Year 13, located in Rotorua, New Zealand.


Rotorua Girls' High School was formed in 1959 after Rotorua High School, founded in 1927, was divided into Rotorua Boys' High School and Rotorua Girls'.[3] Rotorua Boys' kept the original site, and the Rotorua Girls' was given a new site further down Old Taupo Road.

The current principal is Mrs Ally Gibbons.[4]


The three houses of Rotorua Girls' High School are named after Maori women.[5]


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