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This article is about the Smashing Pumpkins album. For the card game, see Rotten Apples (card game).
Rotten Apples
Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits album cover.jpg
Greatest hits album by The Smashing Pumpkins
Released November 20, 2001 (2001-11-20)
Recorded 1991–2000
Genre Alternative rock
Length 73:51 (U.S) 75:54 (Int.)
Label Virgin
Producer Billy Corgan, Ted de Bono, Flood, James Iha, Alan Moulder, Bjorn Thorsrud, Butch Vig, Howard Willing, Brad Wood
The Smashing Pumpkins chronology
Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music
Rotten Apples
Singles from Rotten Apples The Smashing Pumpkins: Greatest Hits
  1. "Untitled"
    Released: 2001
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
NME 8/10 stars[2]

Rotten Apples (The Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest Hits as titled on the album's cover) is a greatest hits compilation album by alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. In the US, it was released in 2001 along with a bonus disc titled Judas O. The album's concluding track, "Untitled", was the Pumpkins' final recording before their breakup.[3] Completed in the days leading up to the band's farewell concert at the Metro in Chicago, it was also released as a single. Another notable track is "Real Love"; while previously released on Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music, this was taken from the factory master tapes and, as a result, lacks the pops and clicks inherent in all copies of Machina II (which is vinyl sourced).[citation needed]

The title of the album is the namesake of a B-side that was released on the "Tonight, Tonight" single. Peaking at number 31 in the U.S.,[4] the album sold 77,000 units in its first week of being released.[5]

Track listing[edit]

There exists two versions of Rotten Apples; one is exclusive to North America and includes the song "Landslide", which is replaced by "Try, Try, Try" in the international version.

All songs written and composed by Billy Corgan, except where noted. 

US version
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Siva" (Gish (1991))   4:21
2. "Rhinocerosa" (Gish)   5:53
3. "Drownb" (Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1992)   4:30
4. "Cherub Rock" (Siamese Dream (1993))   4:59
5. "Today" (Siamese Dream)   3:22
6. "Disarm" (Siamese Dream)   3:18
7. "Landslide" (Pisces Iscariot (1994)) Stevie Nicks 3:06
8. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995))   4:18
9. "1979" (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)   4:23
10. "Zero" (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)   2:41
11. "Tonight, Tonight" (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)   4:15
12. "Eye" (Lost Highway (soundtrack) (1997))   4:54
13. "Ava Adore" (Adore (1998))   4:21
14. "Perfect" (Adore)   3:22
15. "The Everlasting Gaze" (Machina/The Machines of God (2000))   4:02
16. "Stand Inside Your Love" (Machina/The Machines of God)   4:13
17. "Real Love" (Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music (2000))   4:10
18. "Untitled" (Rotten Apples)   3:51

^a "Rhinoceros" is misprinted as "Rhinocerous" on the back cover and the disc. Also, the version on the compilation is the version off the Lull EP where the last 30 seconds of the original recording (some guitar noise) is cut off.
^b The last half of "Drown" is also cut getting rid of the extended guitar solo.

International version
No. Title Length
1. "Siva"   4:21
2. "Rhinoceros"   5:54
3. "Drown"   4:30
4. "Cherub Rock"   4:58
5. "Today"   3:22
6. "Disarm"   3:17
7. "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"   4:17
8. "1979"   4:24
9. "Zero"   2:40
10. "Tonight, Tonight"   4:16
11. "Eye"   4:54
12. "Ava Adore"   4:20
13. "Perfect"   3:23
14. "The Everlasting Gaze"   4:02
15. "Stand Inside Your Love"   4:13
16. "Try, Try, Try" (Machina/The Machines of God) 5:09
17. "Real Love"   4:10
18. "Untitled"   3:53
Total length:


The Smashing Pumpkins
Additional musicians
Technical staff
  • Ted de Bono – production on "Landslide"
  • Bon Harris – additional programming on "Ava Adore" and "Perfect"
  • Butch Vig – production on "Siva", "Rhinoceros", "Drown", "Cherub Rock", "Today", and "Disarm"
  • Flood – production and mixing on "Bullet with Butterfly Wings", "1979", "Zero", "Tonight, Tonight", "Perfect", "The Everlasting Gaze", "Stand Inside Your Love", "Real Love", "Untitled", and "Try, Try, Try"; additional production and mixing on "Ava Adore" and "Perfect"
  • Roger Lian – digital editing
  • Alan Moulder – production and mixing on "Bullet with Butterfly Wings", "1979", "Zero", and "Tonight, Tonight"; mixing on "The Everlasting Gaze", "Stand Inside Your Love" and "Real Love"
  • Jennifer Quinn-Richardson – production coordination
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering
  • Brad Wood – additional production on "Ava Adore"
  • Danny Clinch – photography
  • Lynne Fischer – photography
  • Lisa Johnson – photography, cover photo
  • David LaChapelle – photography
  • Michael Lavine – photography
  • Melodie McDaniel – photography
  • Greg Sylvester – art direction
  • Yelena Yemchuk – photography

Charts and certifications[edit]


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