Rotten to the Core

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Rotten to the Core
"Rotten To the Core" (1965).jpg
UK campaign book
Directed by John Boulting
Produced by Roy Boulting
Written by Roy Boulting
Jeffrey Dell
Len Heath
John Warren
Starring Anton Rodgers
Charlotte Rampling
Eric Sykes
Ian Bannen
Music by Michael Dress
Cinematography Freddie Young
Edited by Teddy Darvas
Distributed by British Lion
Release date
14 July 1965 UK
Running time
89 mins
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Rotten to the Core is a 1965 British comedy film directed by John Boulting.

It includes a young Anton Rodgers as the leader of a group of criminals, who attempt to stage an elaborate heist towards the end of the film.

Britain's famed comedy brothers John Boulting and Roy Boulting created this caper about a trio of crooks plotting to retrieve their ill-gotten booty. Upon finishing their sentence for pulling off a heist, they immediately go in search of their one-time leader, The Duke (Anton Rodgers). He was supposed to safeguard their share of the money, but the Duke's girlfriend Sara (Charlotte Rampling) informs them the Duke is dead, and the money is long gone. The gang discovers that she's lying, however, and that the Duke is masquerading as the head of a spa, the Hope Springs Nature Clinic, where he is planning a felony with some criminal cronies.[1]

Eric Sykes plays a policeman who attempts to go undercover without much success. (As one character puts it "You can see his flat feet from here".)


Critical reception[edit]

  • Time Out wrote the film had "some mildly funny moments, but most of the jokes are laboriously set up and loudly telegraphed."[2]
  • Variety wrote Anton Rodgers "shows versatility in four or five characterizations...(But) the Boulting Brothers’ knives are less sharp than customary."[3]


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