Rottenmann and Wölz Tauern

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Rottenmann and Wölz Tauern
Greim blick west rettlkirchspitze 20111004 (2).JPG
The Rettlkirchspitze, the highest summit in the range.
Highest point
Elevation2,475 m above sea level (AA)
Rottenmann and Wölz Tauern is located in Alps
Rottenmann and Wölz Tauern
StateStyria, Austria
Range coordinates47°15′36″N 14°07′39″E / 47.26000°N 14.12750°E / 47.26000; 14.12750Coordinates: 47°15′36″N 14°07′39″E / 47.26000°N 14.12750°E / 47.26000; 14.12750
Parent rangeLow Tauern

The Rottenmann and Wölz Tauern[1][2] (German: Rottenmanner und Wölzer Tauern) are a subrange of the Austrian Central Alps within the Eastern Alps. Together with the Radstadt Tauern, the Schladming Tauern and the Seckau Tauern the Rottenmann and Wölz Tauern form the major range known as the Low Tauern. The mountains are located in Austria in the federal state of Styria.


Neighbouring mountain ranges[edit]

The Rottenmann Tauern and Wölz Tauern border on the following other mountain ranges of the Alps:


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